Waive Late Fees with One Simple Strategy

This is such a simple strategy to waive late fees and all it takes is one phone call to the company that billed you.

I try to keep organized just so I don’t run into problems like paying bills late and having to pay late fees. But sometimes life happens and I will forget to pay a bill. I do have a budget and these fees can easily make me go over my budget. One time I forgot to pay a bill and I couldn't afford to pay the late fee, so I took a chance and called the company and asked if they could waive the fee. I had nothing to lose, and plus, I’ve been a customer for a long time and I’ve never been late in paying them before. I explained this to them, hoping they could help me out, and do you know what? They were able to oblige and my late fee was waived!

Depending on your payment history, if you call the customer service department and are tactful about your request, they will be able to help you out by waiving the late fee.

When you call the company, try to remember these tips:

• Apologize to them and be honest with them.

• Compliment their service and product and tell them that you enjoy being their customer.

• Be nice and tactful.

If you get fined for paying a credit card or utility bill late, try this strategy for avoiding unnecessary fees.

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