Under the Sea Birthday Party

Option 1: Message in a bottle invitation. Take water bottles and add water, blue food coloring and sand. Wrap your invitations around the bottles.

Option 2: Download a fun ocean setting on blue paper.

Wording: “Take a trip with us to go treasure hunting under the sea, for (child’s name and age) birthday party.” Add party details.

Hang blue and sea foam green streamers and non-helium balloons from the ceilings. Hang fish netting from the ceiling. Make or download paper fish and hang them from fishing line from the ceiling. On the tables, place a blue tablecloth, fish netting and seashells and under the sea confetti. Use blue and green plates, napkins, cups and plastic cutlery.

Games and Activities
Sharks and Minnows
You’ll need a large area for this game. Mark two areas on opposite sides of the room with boundary lines of tape on the floor. To play, one player will be the shark and the other players will be the minnows. The shark stands in the middle of the play area and says “Fishy fishy, come out and play.”
The minnows slowly walk toward the shark. At any time, the shark can yell “Shark Attack”. At this point, the shark tries to tag one of the minnows and the minnows must run to the opposite boundary line without being tagged.
If a minnow is tagged, that player also becomes a shark.
When there is only one minnow left, that player becomes the first shark in the next round.

Feed the Shark
Draw a shark’s head on poster board and cut out a mouth. Hand out beanbags for the kids to throw through the mouth. Beanbags can be made by taking a piece of felt, sewing it on three sides, placing marbles inside and sewing up the fourth side.

Dive Under the Sea
Take various sea creature toys that you can purchase and place on the floor. (You can buy packages of about 10 or more plush or plastic toys on Amazon). Have the kids stand in a circle, hold a large sheet and make “waves” with the sheet by waving it up and down. Each kid gets a turn to dive under the sea and bring back a sea creature.

Pin the Tail on the Whale
Download a large picture of a whale. Make enough copies of the tail, write the kids names on the tails and add double sided tape to them. Blindfold the kids and wee who pins their tail the closest to the original.

Ocean Bottles Craft
The kids will need assistance with these. Fill small plastic bottles half full of water. Add a drop of blue or green food coloring, sea-life confetti and some glitter. Fill remainder of bottles with cooking oil. Optional: Use a hot glue gun to secure the lid.

Paper Plate Ocean Craft
Give out paper plates, blue paint or markers and sea life stickers and let the kids decorate them.
Party Food
Sandwiches cut with fish-shaped cookie cutters, mac n’ cheese made with shell pasta, blue Jell-O® with gummy fish

Party Favors
Under the Sea coloring books and crayons, under the sea stickers, sea creatures plush or plastic toys, fish-shaped soap

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