Star Wars Birthday Party

For Star Wars invitations, use bold yellow print on black card stock. On the top, type Star Wars in all caps with a yellow outline for the letters and you can then go over the outline with a yellow highlighter for an added effect. On each side of the logo, draw two lightsabers, one with a blue highlighting pen and one with a red highlighting pen. Then, use a small font for the first line and increase the font size with each subsequent line. Add this wording: In a galaxy far, far away, on (date) and (year), was born a baby boy. The Jedi Council knew he was the Chosen One. This young Jedi has been in training and requests the presence of young Padawans to Jedi Training at (address). Below the wording, place a picture of the Star Wars characters.

You can divide your party area by making one side the Light Side with blue and green balloons and streamers and the Dark Side with red and black balloons and streamers. Or, you can decorate with black, white and silver colors. Hang Star Wars pictures on the wall.

Create a Star Wars logo with an outline font, print each letter on 9x14” paper. Paint the outline of the letters in neon yellow and place the letters on two black poster boards. Hang them on the wall in front of the table. Make two light sabers by taking two gift wrap rolls or taping 3 paper towel rolls together for each one and decorate them like light sabers by painting one blue and one red and wrapping electrical tape at the ends. Hang these under the logo.

Decorate the tables the same way, one table being the Light side with a blue tablecloth, plates, cups, napkins and plastic ware and the other table dressed up for the Dark side with red. Another option is to use black tablecloths and sprinkle star confetti around. Use black, white and silver plates, cups, napkins and plasticware. Use Star Wars figurines for the centerpieces.

Purchase felt fabric and make tunics out of it for the kids. Cut a piece of fabric that you need (use your child’s measurements). Fold the fabric in half and cut a V in the center to go over their heads. This will leave them with the sides open. Use gold cord for the belt.

Make a space ship out of a large appliance box. This is a great photo opp and fun to send with the thank you cards.

Games and Activities
Release Hans Solo from Carbonite Relay
The night before the party, place a Hans Solo figurine in a small container of water, add green food coloring and freeze it overnight. Divide the kids into 2 teams and form a bucket brigade line. Place the small container at the end of the lines between the teams. Give each team a small bucket that they have to dunk into a large water filled bucket (use warm water). They pass the buckets down the line and pour the water over Hans Solo. The first team to release him wins.

Red Light, Green Light
Set the game up by making a starting line with tape on one side of the room. One player plays the “stop light” and the rest of the kids have to try and touch him/her. To play, the kids stand behind the starting line and the stop light stands about 15 feet away from the starting line. The stop light faces away from the other players and says “green light”, at which point the kids move towards the stop light. At any point, the stop light can say “red light” and turn around. If any of the kids are caught moving after this, they are out. The game resumes when the stop lght turns back around and says green light”. The stop light wins if all the kids are out before anyone is able to touch him or her. Otherwise, the first player to touch the stop light wins the game.

Jedi Obstacle Course
Create an obstacle course and have them hop on stepping stones made of pillows, jump over a river of lava (small mat), jump over mountains (orange cones or boxes), slash through streamers hung from the ceiling, kick through a wall made of boxes.

Jedi Relay Race
Make a starting point and a finish point. Divide the kids into two teams and give each team a balloon. (Have extra balloons in case they pop). Have each team line up behind the starting line. The teams have to keep their balloons in the air with their light sabers and off the ground while running to the finish line and back to their team. Then they pass the balloon to the next player. If a player drops the balloon they have to start over from the starting line. If you’re pressed for time, give the players 2 or 3 chances to drop the balloon before they have to start over. The first team that finishes wins.

Space Obstacle Course
This game is best played in a large open area. Create an out of space landscape (make a runway that the kids can walk down) with black tarp and glow in the dark star stickers. Mark boundaries with tape, chalk, etc. Place some non-breakable items such as balls and toys that will represent meteorites, planets and space debris. How to play the game: Pair up the children. One child plays the Jedi and the other will be the spaceship. The Jedi’s job is to guide the spaceship (blindfolded) around space without running into the meteorites, planets and space debris. Have the rocket stand at the starting line. The astronaut can stand anywhere on the side of the landscape, but the best position is behind the rocket. This will prevent confusion when the astronaut uses the commands right and left. Once the rocket is blindfolded, the other kids can throw more items on the landscape to make the game more challenging. After the kids have added the extra “meteorites and debris”, the Jedi guides the spaceship down the landscape using commands like, “Take three steps forward”, One step right”, Three steps to the left”. If the child crashes, the next team takes a turn. The team who makes it the furthest on the landscape without crashing wins.

Jedi vs. Darth Vadar
Have an adult play Darth Vadar. You can buy the whole costume, or to save money, wear black clothing, buy a Darth Vadar mask and a black cape. Have the kids fight him with their light sabers. You can have another adult play Obi Wan and they can demonstrate some moves. You can find them on YouTube. The kids can battle each other also but make sure to lay out rules such as no hitting anyone in the face or head.

Laser Beam Obstacle Course
In a different room, run long pieces of yarn in a mixed up pattern so the kids have to over them and under them without touching the string. Place all around the area and tie the yarn to furniture. Tell your guests that they have to get to the other side without touching the laser beams.

Jedi Knight Ceremony
Before the party, make Jedi Knight Certificates for all the kids. Have the kids sit in a circle and stand in the middle and say “Young Padawans, you have proved yourselves worthy to have earned the title of Jedi Knight. You have proven that you can defeat the dark side. Please come up and kneel as I present to you with your certificate of training.” Use a light saber to knight them and present them with their certificate. “May the force be with you.”

Build a Droid
Supply different sized boxes, paint or markers, bottle caps, tape, and stickers. When the kids are done, ask them what their robot’s special skill is.

Party Food
Pizza the Hut
Light Saber Pretzel Sticks (dip them in milk chocolate and red and green candy melts)
Wookie Cookies (any kind of cookie)

Party Favors
Download the Star Wars logo and glue them on black gift bags. Include items such as glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark balls, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, Star Wars key chain, Star Wars coloring book or coloring pages, crayons, Star Wars stickers, pop rocks

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