Spy Birthday Party

Option 1: Write the party details using backwards lettering and your guests have to use a mirror to decode the invite.

Option 2: Write the party details in number code and make a chart that shows what number represents what letter.

Place spy related images on the invite, such as a magnifying glass, binoculars, a fingerprint, footprints, a “bad guy” running away, a bomb exploding.

Wording for invitation: Mission: Special Agent (child’s name) has selected you for a secret mission. Your mission, if you choose to accept is to attend (child’s name and age) Birthday Party. Please report for duty (last name) Spy Headquarters (address) at (date and time). This message will self destruct in ten seconds. On the envelope, write “Top Secret Party Invitation Enclosed”.

Purchase black balloons and another color streamers. Hang silhouettes on the walls. Hang pictures of silhouettes, maps, enlarged fingerprints, villains running away, and bombs exploding on the walls. Hang these pictures from the ceiling. Turn a large appliance box into a telephone booth. This is a great photo opp and nice to send with the thank you cards.

Place black and another color tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins and plastic silverware. Spread enlarged fingerprints and paper question marks around the table. Make a centerpiece from spy items, such as binoculars, flashlights, cameras, dark sunglasses, etc.

Games and Activities
iSpy Memory Game
To test their memory, place about 10 items on a tray, give the kids a few minutes to memorize the items. Leave the room, remove an item and come back and let the kids guess what item is missing.

Who Am I
Before the party, write names of favorite movie, book or cartoon characters on note cards. As the kids arrive, tape the cards on their backs. Don’t tell them who is on their card. The kids can ask each other questions about their characters until they guess correctly.

Spy Ring
Have the kids sit in a circle. To test their listening skills, the first agent thinks of a message and whisper it to the next person who whispers it to the next, and so on until the last person receives the message. If the right sentence comes out at the end, they pass the mission.

Detonate the Bombs Relay
Make a starting line and a finish line on two ends of the room. Divide the kids into two teams and have them line up behind the starting line. Give each child a black balloon (bomb). The first child from each team has to get his balloon to the finish line by bouncing it in the air and not letting it touch the floor at any point. When the players get to the finish line, they have to pop the balloon (detonate the bomb), race back to the team and tag the next person who takes off. If any of the player’s balloons falls to the ground during the relay, the player get another balloon and starts over. The team that finishes first wins.

Laser Beam Obstacle Course
In a different room, run long pieces of yarn in a mixed up pattern so the kids have to over them and under them without touching the string. Place all around the area and tie the yarn to furniture. Tell your guests that they have to get to the other side without touching the laser beams.

Spy Disguise Relay
Put together one full disguise for each team. Some ideas for the disguise are: trench coat, hat, scarf, tie, wig, dark sunglasses, fake mustache, briefcase. Place a box for each team with the disguises. Divide kids into 2 teams and have them line up in front of the starting line on the opposite side of the room. The first person in each line runs to where the clothing is, dresses up in the disguise and comes back and undresses to pass the disguise to the next person. The second person then runs to the box and undresses and runs back to the line. The third person runs and gets into the disguise and runs back to the line and undresses and passes the disguise and the clothes keep passing until everyone has had a turn. The first team to finish passing the clothes wins.

Binoculars Craft
You’ll need two paper rolls for each child, plastic wrap, tape, string, markers and spy-themed stickers. Have the kids color the paper rolls and add sticker. Place plastic wrap to both ends and secure with tape. Tape the two rolls together. Take a long piece of string (enough to wrap around the rolls and then use it as a strap around their necks), wrap it around the rolls and secure it with tape and tie the ends.

Party Food
Burgers and hotdogs set up to form magnifying glasses with the burgers lined up and the hot dogs lined up beneath them.
Mini pizzas with bread sticks to form magnifying glasses with the pizzas lined up and the bread sticks lined up beneath them.

Birthday Cake
Option 1: Used a sports ball pan to make a bomb cake. With red icing, write the word “BOOM” on top.

Option 2: Make a magnifying glass cake. Frost a round cake with vanilla frosting and make a black rim with chocolate frosting. Place four cupcakes underneath for the handle.

Party Favors
Take gift bags and place spy themed stickers or draw question marks on them. Include a toy magnifying glass, mini flashlight, sunglasses, mini binoculars, mini squirt gun, disposable camera, a notepad, spy themed stickers, fake mustache

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