The Ultimate Room-by-Room
Spring Cleaning Checklist

Do the words “spring cleaning” make you feel overwhelmed? You’re not alone, but with some planning—and this handy spring cleaning checklist—you can get this done!

To start off easy, the checklist below consists of general cleaning tasks that you can do in every room in your home.

Take down curtains and wash them/dry clean them.
Move all the furniture to vacuum and mop underneath
Wash all the windows (don’t forget to get out the window panes if you have them!)
Dust tops of windows and door rims
Polish all surfaces
Wash all glassware
Clean light fixtures
Clean and polish the door handles
Dust all the decorations/picture frames
Clean light switches and the cover plates
Shampoo carpets/wax hard floors
Wash all the baseboard, doors, and walls
Wash all the rugs
Dust or vacuum out the air vents
Dust ceiling fan blades
Wash all the pillowcases/slip covers/throws

Now on to the room-by-room cleaning list.

Empty out the fridge and wipe the walls and shelves with hot water and soap. Wipe down the outside of the fridge.

Clean the stove, oven, microwave, and dishwasher
Clean the toaster, blender, coffee maker, and other appliances

Remove items freezer. Chip off all the built-up ice which can cause a bad odor. Wipe it down.

Remove items from panty shelves, wiping shelves and toss any expired items. Place soon to expire items to the front and move those with a longer shelf life to the back.

Wipe out all drawers
Deep clean the faucets
Wash all baseboards and wall areas
Wash down your trash can
Scrub the floor

Deep clean the toilet, and also around and behind it
Wipe sink basin and around it
Clean all mirrors and light fixtures. Replace any bulbs as needed.
Remove items from drawers and cabinets. Wipe clean and replace. Toss any unused or empty containers.
Deep clean the bathtub.
Deep clean the shower walls/shower doors
Remove shower curtain and launder. Replace the shower liner if needed.
Launder all bath mats or toilet coverings.
Replace toothbrushes if needed
Wash all your brushes (hair, makeup, toilet, cleaning)
Wash all the holders/accessories (toothbrush holder, tissue holder, etc)

Living Room
Remove items from coffee tables, end tables and shelves, and dust thoroughly.
Remove small items from your entertainment center and dust.
Dust TV and other electronics
Remove all sofa cushions and vacuum, fluff and replace pillows and vacuum as well. If your cushion covers are removable, remove and wash before replacing. If not, you may sot treat them for stains.
Dust ceiling fan blades. Remove and wash light covers if needed.
Dust all light fixtures, replace bulbs if needed, and wipe down light switches.
Shake out all area rugs. Vacuum carpets, moving furniture so that you can access under all the pieces.
Wipe down baseboards. Wash walls with a mixture of warm water and Murphy’s Soap.
Dust and clean the glass on pictures and picture frames and decor

Wash pillows and duvets base. Replace sheets and pillowcases.
Move bed—now is a great time to flip your mattresses as well—and vacuum under it. Return bed to its place and vacuum over the mattresses as well.
Wash all baseboards as well as walls with a hot water and soap solution.
Dust ceiling fan blades and remove light coverings so you can thoroughly clean them.
Dust all light fixtures, replace bulbs if needed, and wipe down light switches.

Remove clothes and shoes from the closet. Donate what you no longer need. Clean out the closet well removing any dust and debris, and return clothing.
Do the same with drawers and nightstands. Remove items, donate what you no longer need, wipe drawers, and replace.
Wash windows and blinds
Launder curtains
Dust and clean all pictures and décor.
Dust tv, electronics, etc.
Deep clean or spot clean carpets as needed.

Laundry Room
Clean laundry area
Wipe down the inside and outside of the washer and dryer
Clean out the lint
Clean up any soap spills
Pull out washer and dryer to clean behind them
Wipe down and organize where you store your laundry supplies

Clean toys with hot water and soap
Remove items from shelves and dust thoroughly
Spot treat flooring or deep clean the carpet and area rugs.

Home Office
Dust computer, printer and other electronics
Organize file cabinet
Remove items from desk and drawers and dust. Use dividers or small boxes in to organize items. Toss any items you don’t use.
Remove items from bookshelf and dust. Toss anything you don’t need.
Shred all unneeded documents with personal information
Clean out your email. 
Organize all your photos from the past year.
Dust ceiling fan blades. Remove and wash light covers if needed.
Dust light fixtures, replace bulbs if needed, and wipe down light switches.
Vacuum carpets, moving furniture so that you can access under all the pieces.
And there you have it.

Seeing everything broken down in a room by room spring cleaning checklist may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry! Just start in one room and go from there.

Once you get started, you’ll find yourself checking off tasks quicker than you may think. And by tackling one room at a time, you’ll have everything done before you know it.

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