Space Birthday Party

Option 1: Download a picture of an astronaut and replace the astronaut’s face with your child’s.

Option 2: Make rocketships out of construction paper and attach to card stock.

Wording: “You’ve been selected as part of the Launch Crew for the Launch Crew for the (child’s name and age—ex. John 5) Mission to Outer Space! Mission Objective: Help Commander (child’s name) have a Happy Birthday! Report for Duty (date), Countdown Begins: (start time),  Launch Site: Space Station (address). Communicate with Mission Control to confirm your mission readiness by (RSVP date and phone and email).”

Make a rocket out of a large rectangular appliance box. Open two top flaps up at the top of the box and tape them together to form a triangle shape. Paint that part blue. Then paint 3/4 of the box silver and the bottom of the box red. You can also cut out a round window for a photo opp. Have an opening in the back so the kids can get inside to take photos.

Decorate with black or blue balloons and streamers and place star stickers on them. Cut out stars from silver paper, place holes in them and hang them from the ceiling with fishing line. Hang space themed pictures on the wall.

Place black or blue tablecloths on the tables and sprinkle silver star, moon and planet confetti around. Use the same colors for the plates, cups, napkins and plastic ware.

For table centerpieces, take Pringle potato chip cans and decorate them like rockets by painting 3/4 of the carton silver and the bottom red. For the nose, cut blue pieces of paper in half, roll them into cone shapes and tape them to the cans. Add flames at the bottom with red and orange strips of paper.

Make jet packs for the kids to wear. For each child, take two large plastic bottles and spray paint them silver. Duct tape them together and then duct tape heavy strength string to each side so that they could be worn over the kids’ shoulders. Attach red, orange and yellow tissue paper to the bottom of the bottles for the flames.

Games and Activities
Moon Walk
Attach extra large sized thick sponges to the kids’ feet with string. Let the kids walk around and ask them how it feels as they walk.

Moon Rock Hunt
Take individually wrapped chocolates, wrap them in aluminum foil and hide them around the party area.

Black Hole Toss
Take black poster board and cut a hole in the center. Add some white paint around the hole so it looks like a black hole from space. Give out bean bags for the kids to throw threw them. If you make the flying saucers craft, they can throw them.

Space Obstacle Course
This game is best played in a large open area. Create an out of space landscape (make a runway that the kids can walk down) with black tarp and glow in the dark star stickers. Mark boundaries with tape, chalk, etc. Place some non-breakable items such as balls and toys that will represent meteorites, planets and space debris. How to play the game: Pair up the children. One child plays the astronaut and the other will be the rocket. The astronaut’s job is to guide the rocket (blindfolded) around space without running into the meteorites, planets and space debris. Have the rocket stand at the starting line. The astronaut can stand anywhere on the side of the landscape, but the best position is behind the rocket. This will prevent confusion when the astronaut uses the commands right and left. Once the rocket is blindfolded, the other kids can throw more items on the landscape to make the game more challenging. After the kids have added the extra “meteorites and debris”, the astronaut guides the rocket down the landscape using commands like, “Take three steps forward”, One step right”, Three steps to the left”. If the child crashes, the next team takes a turn. The team who makes it the furthest on the landscape without crashing wins.

Pass the Meteorite—Play like Hot Potato

Flying Saucer Craft
Take two plates and have the tops face each other and secure them with tape. Let the kids decorate the tops with markers and self-adhesive jewels. For even more fun, make aliens by gluing googly eyes on large green pom poms. Glue the pom pom on top of the plate. Then tape a clear plastic cup on top of the alien.

Party Food
Individual pizzas made with bagels or English muffins (flying saucers)
Chicken nuggets and French fries (Little Dippers)
Chocolate Rice Krispie treats rolled into balls (Moon Rocks)
Alien cupcakes decorated with green frosting and edible wiggly eyes

Party Favors
Glow in the dark balls, glow in the dark bracelets, glow sticks, alien figurines, space-themed coloring book or coloring pages, crayons, space stickers, Milky Way® candy, Starburst® candy

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