How I Cut My Grocery Bill in Half
(and You Can Too!)

Spending too much on groceries can easily happen, but when it happens each week, it can have a serious effect on your budget.

With some extra planning and some simple strategies, you can cut your grocery bill. Try these tips for some great savings.

Meal Plan
Meal planning can not only save you money, it will also save you lots of time. No more extra trips to the grocery store. If you’re new to meal planning, start be looking to se what you have in your fridge to see what you can use for this week’s meals, then go shopping for any additional ingredients you need.

Shop at Home First
One of the easiest ways to save money on groceries is seeing what you already have and making meals out of those itms. Take a look in your fridge, freezer and pantry. And if you’re not inspired by your inventory, check online for recipes with the ingredients that you have—you may even find a new favorite recipe.

Shop Seasonally
Fresh produce that’s not in season in the U.S. is shipped from other parts of the world where it’s ready for harvest, losing much of it’s taste and nutritional value by the time it arrives here.

Not only is in-season produce cheaper, but it’s tastier and more nutritious. If there’s a farmer’s market in your area, they usually have great prices, especially since they cut out the middle man.

Buy Frozen Produce
If you can’t find a good deal on fresh fruit and vegetables, check out the frozen food aisle. Not only can you get a great deal on frozen produce, since it’s flash frozen, it’s packed with nutrients. Plus, there’s less waste since they last much longer than fresh.

Buy Store Brands
If you only buy name brands, you’re missing out on some great savings. Store brands are usually just as good as name brands, but at a much lower price. When you go shopping, try a store brand or two and do that for different products each time you go shopping. There will be some items that you’ll find you like, while others, you may prefer to stick with the name brand. But the more generic products that you can switch to, the more savings you'll see on your grocery bill.

Don’t Pay for Convenience
Yes, it may seem like a lifesaver to buy vegetables that are already cut up or pre-shredded cheese, but if you want to save money, you’re better off prepping everything yourself. Taking just a few extra minutes can really give our wallet a break.

Use Coupon Apps
If you don’t want to deal with paper coupons, use your phone to snag coupons. With coupon apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51, you can just upload your receipts to an app for great savings.

Don’t Shop the Aisles at Eye Level
Stores usually place the most expensive products at eye level. Name brands pay a lot to have their products placed at eye level. To save money, look high and low on the shelves for better priced products.

Eat Less Meat
Meat is one of the most expensive items in the grocery store. Consuming less meat can make a significant difference in your grocery budget. Of course you don’t have to eliminate meat from your diet. Instead, consider incorporating one or two meatless days a week. 
Another way to save on meat is by stretching your meat further.  One trick I use to stretch meat further is to use fillers to mix with it with like potatoes, rice, pasta or beans. I also cut it up in bite-size pieces and use it in dishes like casseroles, stews and soups.

Keep an Eye on the Register
Make sure to watch the cash register when your groceries are scanned. Price mistakes are common, especially when prices of hundreds of items are changed every week.

And, it’s possible if you don’t catch the mistake at checkout, you may not go to customer service to get a refund, which will make you lose money.

Don’t Shop at Only One Store
You may prefer shopping at a particular grocery store, but that doesn’t mean you have to be loyal to that on store. Make sure to compare prices at different stores and make note of which store has the lowest price. Also, check weekly sales circulars to see if one store has a better deal.

Buy in Bulk
When items are on sale, take advantage and buy a few items of the product that’s on sale. Just make sure that you’ll use the items up before they expire.

Do you have any tips to save at the grocery store? Please leave a comment below.

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