50 Ways to Save a Dollar a Day

Do you sometimes feel that it is impossible to save money? Does it feel like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get ahead? Well, saving money doesn’t mean you have to stash away twenty-five or fifty dollars at a time. The easiest way to build your savings can be with one dollar at a time. There are many ways you can save a dollar, and over time, they can really add up. Below, you will find 50 ways to save a dollar or more a day.

1. Bring your own beverages to work and skip the vending machine.

2. Combine errands to save on gas.

3. Make one meatless meal a week.

4. Reheat leftovers from the previous night’s dinner for a new meal.

5. Hang a load of laundry a week outdoors to dry instead of using the dryer.

6. Wash laundry on a cold water cycle.

7. Use electrical appliances (dishwasher) during off-peak hours.

8. Turn off electrical devices off one night per week after a certain time.

9. Set your thermostat a few degrees higher or lower depending on the weather.

10. Use energy-efficient lightbulbs.

11. Make sure to pay bills on time to avoid paying late fees.

12. Don’t use ATMs that charge you a fee.

13. Raise the deductible on your car and homeowners insurance.

14. Barter with friends for services instead of paying for them.

15. Use sites like ebates to save instead of printing out coupons.

16. Pack lunches instead of eating out.

17. Make flavored drink mixes instead of buying bottled drinks.

18. Make your own coffee at home and skip the expensive lattes.

19. Purchase household items you use most in bulk.

20. Try to avoid convenience stores. You pay for the convenience.

21. Skip watching television one day per week

22. Cook at least one meal a week from scratch.

23. Plan your meals a week ahead of time.

24. Always shop with a list and never shop when hungry.

25. Try recipes with rice, pasta and beans and other inexpensive staples.

26. Use plastic shopping bags instead of buying trash bags.

27. Run your dishwasher only when it’s full.

28. Use reusable towels and napkins instead of disposable ones.

29. Replace one brand name item at the grocery store with a generic one.

30. Skip fancy beverages and appetizers when you go out to eat.

31. Discontinue at least on magazine subscription and read it online instead.

32. Bank at an institutions with minimal fees.

33. Purchase personal items such as soap and shampoo in bulk sizes.

34. Call your credit card companies to get your interest rate lowered.

35. Shop at your local thrift store instead of heading to the retail store.

36. Buy clothing during the off season and on clearance.

37. Replace one beverage a day with water.

38. Call your telephone and cable companies to renegotiate your bills.

39. Look for manager markdowns when grocery shopping.

40. Contact your favorite food brand and request coupons.

41. Replace a household cleaner with a simple, but effective baking soda or vinegar and water mixture.

42. Wash your car yourself instead of taking it to the car wash.

43. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and shaving.

44. Check your faucets for leaks and drips.

45. Carpool once a week to save on gas.

46. Enjoy an evening at home instead of going out.

47. Skip the gym and go for a walk instead.

48. Make your own face mask with simple ingredients like avocado, yogurt and oatmeal.

49. Give yourself a manicure instead of going to the salon.

50. Request free samples from your favorite makeup counters. You can get up to 3 applications out of them.

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