16 Ways to Save at Walmart

1. Check for Online Deals
If you’re about to make a trip to the store for a specific item, it’s worth looking for it on walmart.com first. Often times, you’ll find that it’s less expensive. You can order the item online and choose free same-day pick up at your local store. The Walmart app even has a check-in option, so that their associates know when you arrive.

2. Get Online Prices In the Store
And if you do make a trip to the store, check online anyway. Before you bring something to the checkout counter, it’s worth taking out your phone and checking whether Walmart is offering a better price online at walmart.com. Because here’s something you should know: Walmart will match its online prices for in-store purchases.

Sometimes you’ll discover an item that you want to buy has been marked down online, but not in the store where you’re shopping.

To get the better price, just pull it up on your phone and show it to the cashier and they’ll give you the online price with no hassle.

3. Take Advantage of Price Matching
Before you head out to the store, make a shopping list and then scan competitors’ prices online and in weekly ads. If you find better prices at other stores, show the cashier at checkout and Walmart will match the price. 

4. Follow Walmart on Social Media
Follow Walmart on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for their  email newsletter. Among the product plugs, you’ll find some great deals and giveaways.

5. Apply for the Walmart Credit Card
The day you sign up, you’ll get $35 off when you spend $75. Plus, you get 5% back for every $500 you spend, and 5 cents off every gallon of gas at participating gas stations. (Note: If you’re planning on carrying a balance, a store card may not be a smart choice).

6. Ask for Price Adjustments
Don’t you find it frustrating when you buy something and you see the price go down a week later? Well, there is something you can do about it. If the price of something you buy drops within the specified return period, Walmart will credit you for the difference. (Note: There are no adjustments between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday).

7. Download Walmart’s App and Savings Catcher
With the Walmart App, you can make a shopping list, check in-store and online prices and availability, check the weekly ad and more—and save yourself time and money in the process.

One of the easiest ways to save money with this app is withe Savings Catcher. It compares prices at local retailers, including current advertised sale prices. If it finds a lower price, Walmart will credit you the difference on an e-gift card that you can use to shop at Walmart online or in the store via Walmart Pay.
Just scan your receipt using the app, or log into your account online and enter the receipt number and Walmart will do all the work for you.

8. Great Deals on Clothing Basics
Walmart has very good every day prices on basic clothing items. If you need to stock up on items for your family like t-shirts, tank tops, socks and more, Walmart usually offers the best prices.

9. Shop at Opening Time
At Walmart, the staff does its markdowns, particularly on perishable items, in the mornings. These items won’t have much of a shelf life, but if you use them quickly or place them in the freezer, you can pick up some great savings. And don’t forget the bakery. It will be selling yesterday’s baked goods at low prices and you can always freeze items like bread and muffins and toast them for breakfast when you need them.

10. Buy Refurbished Electronics
Enter “ Refurbished Electronics” in the search bar on the store’s website and you can get $100 off or more on refurbished electronics.

11. Use Coupons
Walmart accepts manufacturer’s coupons, print-at-home coupons, competitor’s coupons and catelina coupons that have ‘Manufacturer Coupon” with specific item requirements printed on them. 

12. Shop the Store Brand
One of the easiest ways to save money at Walmart is to purchase items under their store brand—Great Value. Believe it or not, but nearly every store brand that you see is the same product as the higher end items—but just with a store label on it.

By shopping these brands, you may just find a better deal than you would otherwise—even if you’re using a coupon. Such a simple money saving idea!

13. Check $4.00 Generic Prescriptions 
The next time you need a prescription, ask your doctor to send it to your local Walmart pharmacy, and ask to make sure you’re able to get a generic version. Make sure to check your prescription to see if it’s on Walmart’s $4.00 generic list before you go.

14. Watch for Free Shipping
Walmart.com offers free shipping on ay purchases of $35 or more. Alternatively, you can also check if your item is eligible for free 2-day shipping, or if it’s available for in-store pickup. It’s a simple way to get online deals without paying high shipping charges.

If you don’t find an item that qualifies, shipping will normally start at $5.99.

15. Know Your Store’s Clearance Section
Just like in other stores, sometimes the best deals can be found at the end of the aisles. There are also certain locations in select stores where all the clearance items end up.

Take some time to walk through your local store to find out where all the clearance items are located. Then, that can be one of the first places you check each time you shop there. You never know what great deals you may find!

16. Watch for Online Clearance Deals
Walmart.com doesn’t advertise when items are discounted. Instead, they roll into the clearance section on their site.

When you visit Walmart.com, make sure to look for the clearance items. You won’t see this in the navigation menu. However, if you type in “clearance” in the search bar, it will show all the clearance deals by department.

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