15 Ways to Save at Bath & Body Works

I have to admit, I can’t pass a Bath & Body Works store without walking in, if just to get some aromatherapy. It’s not easy to walk out empty-handed, but when you have a budget, you have to fight the temptation. I have been shopping there for years and have come up with these 15 ways to save on this store’s great products. 

1. Coupons come with a 3-day grace period.
That means that you can use them for up to 3 days after they expire. Keep tabs on Bath & Body Works sales so that you can use the coupons with a sale to get the best discount.

2. Get on both their email and snail mail lists for access to coupons and freebies.
You can opt-in to the Bath & Body Works email list at the bottom of their website, or give your email address to the cashier in-store. For the postal list, give the cashier your phone number. Make sure that you give them a number that’s connected to a cable or utility bill and they can pull your address from there. Or, you can call customer service and request to be added to the mailing list.

3. Exchange new or unopened products for a different scent.
Have you ever been gifted a Bath & Body Works lotion, body wash or candle and you dislike the scent?

The next time this happens, bring it back to the store and exchange it for a scent that you like. And you don’t need a receipt because Bath & Body Works has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

As long as the product is not more than HALF USED, you can exchange it for a new scent. Extra tip: If it’s a scent that Bath & Body Works currently carries, you can exchange it for a new scent, free and clear.

If it’s a scent that they don’t carry in stock anymore, you’ll probably get the markdown price as a store credit (if the scent is marked as 75% off, that’s the store credit amount that you’ll get).

4. Follow Bath & Body Works on social media to keep updated on promotions and sales.
If you want to be kept in the loop on the latest products and sales, click “Like,” “Follow,” etc. While you can find Bath & body Works on all social media sites, it seems like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are your best bets for finding savings info and scoring an occasional coupon.
5. Shop the clearance section of new scents.
The best time to try out a new scent is when it’s considerably marked down in the clearance section. Bath and Body Works stores have a clearance section where they place items that are being closed out or they have an overstock of. Make sure to visit this area every time you go into the store to see what treasures are available.

6. Exchange broken Wallflowers for free.
You can exchange broken Wallflowers with no questions asked.. Just bring in your broken Wallflower and exchange it for a new one at anytime for free! They’ll give you one from their basic line—but who’s complaining.
7. Stock up in January and June.
Stock up during the retailer’s semi-annual sales in January and June where you can use coupons on top of the 50% - 75% discounts.

8. Pair coupons with BOGO deals.
If you’ve got a coupon or promo code, store policy allows you to combine it with BOGO sales for added savings. Just make sure you read the fine print just in case there are exclusions or a minimum amount that you have to spend to use it.

9. Opt for gift sets.
Bath & Body Works offers a variety of prepackaged gifts for shoppers who are looking to save time and money. When you purchase items together in a set, you can shave anywhere from $7 to $20 off what it cost to buy them separately. Just be sure you do this you need or really want the items—not just the thrill of getting a good deal.

10. Check out online exclusives.
While certain sales run store wide, there are others that are specifically for online shoppers. The next time you’re on the Bath & Body Works website, make sure to visit the Online Exclusives section to see what deals are available.

11. Make sure to get the best price possible.
Since sales change from one week to the next, it pays to keep track of prices. When you buy an item in a Bath & Body Store or online and the item goes on sale after you make the purchase, you have 14 days to ask for a price adjustment as long as you still have your receipt.

12. Use monthly coupons on sale items to get the biggest discounts.
Bath & Body Works put out a new coupon every month. They vary and are usually for a percentage off, free item with purchase or dollar discount coupons. You can get these by signing up for the email and mailing lists. Sometimes you can also find printable coupons or discount codes online.

Note: You can’t stack these coupon with other coupons. In other words, you’re only allowed one coupon per purchase. But you can use a coupon on top of sale prices if you find that overlap.

13. Get your gift wrapped for free.
If you’re purchasing gifts, it’s worth it to visit the store. If you shop in-store, they’ll give you a cello bag, ribbon, their traditional blue and white checked bag and a card. The wrapping is really cute.

14. Purchase discounted gift cards.
You can find discounted gift cards on sites like Raise.com. You can save an average 10% - 15% when you purchase a discounted Bath & Body Works gift card through Raise.com

15. Shop on Black Friday.
Black Friday is, of course, largely popular in the larger stores like Target and Walmart, but specialty stores like Bath & Body Works are often overlooked. The specials that they run are pretty incredible and certainly worth the crowds every year.

As a bonus, on Black Friday, the retailer offers the option of adding a VIP bag to your purchase. You can purchase the bag for $25 when you spend $30. Inside each bag is about $100 worth of merchandise!

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