14 Ways to Save Even More at T.J.Maxx

If you’ve ever shopped at T.J.Maxx before, you know that they offer great deals on clothing, home decor, furniture and more. But, if you’re looking to save even more when shopping at their store, check out these 14 savings tips that you might not even know about.

1. Shop on Wednesday mornings.
T.J. Maxx stores receive new merchandise shipments three to five days a week, but Wednesday is usually the day that they mark everything down. Get there in the morning to ensure that you’ll have access to the most robust selection.

2. Know T.J. Maxx price tag secrets.
If you’ve shopped at T.J. Maxx, you know that not all the price tags look the same. If you see an item with a red tag, it means that the item has been marked down at least once, sometimes even 2 or 3 times. If you  see an item with a yellow tag, it means it’s been reduced to final markdown and its the lowest the price will go.

3. Shop in January and July to boost savings.
If you can wait until January or July to do the majority of your shopping, you ill easily maximize your savings. This is because those two months are when they switch out seasons and move a lot of their inventory to the clearance racks which passes huge savings onto you. It’s a great time to stock up for the following year.

4. Sign up for the free rewards program.
When you sign up for the free rewards program, you’ll have a chance to win $100 gift card. Every time you purchase something at T.J.Maxx or from the website, (or the partner stores and their websites), you gain an entry into a monthly sweepstakes. A total of 25 $100 gift cards are raffled off each month.

The program also lets you get 10% off on your first purchase after approval, and gives 5 points for every $1 you spend at T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, Home Good and AJ Wright.

You’ll also be the first to know about new arrivals, store openings, private parties, free giveaways and more.

5. Check out the clearance food section.
Food products are always being rotated in and out of this department. Look for nuts, chips, canned items, health foods and gourmet teats for a fraction of the cost of specialty stores.

6. Follow them on social media.
Make sure to follow T.J.Maxx on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube so you can be in the loop on freebies and other giveaways, new products, upcoming deals and more.

7. Don’t be tempted to sign up for the TJX Rewards Card.
Some store cards are worth signing up for, but since you only get $10 in rewards for every 1,000 points earned—and only 5 points for every dollar spent—the TJX isn’t one of them.

8. Defected items get you a better discount.
Make sure to inspect an item that you want to buy for any defects or imperfections, such as a snag in a piece of clothing or a chip in a picture frame. If you find anything wrong with the item and it’s not marked on the tag, ask a sales associate for an additional discount. After all, you’re getting an item that’s not in perfect condition and therefore shouldn’t have to pay the listed price.

9. Shop online.
While it doesn’t boast the same merchandise and prices as brick-and-mortar stores, TJMaxx.com is a great resource that shouldn’t be overlooked the next time you shop online. The prices on everything—especially designer items—are much cheaper than you’ll find anywhere else online. Plus, you get free shipping if you spend more than $75.

10. Buy discounted gift cards.
You can save 10 to 20 percent off at T.J.Maxx by purchasing discount cards through sites like Raise.com. And since T.J.Maxx, Marshalls and Homegoods are all owned by the same company, each retailer accepts gift cards from those sister stores, so check out the discounts on all three stores’ cards and buy the one with the largest markdown.

11. Get on their email list, get free shipping.
Not only will you receive first alerts by email, you’ll get a code for free shipping on your next TJMaxx.com order. You can find the sign up form on their website.

12. Shop in the mornings.
Markdowns are done after store hours, so if you want first dibs at clearance items, you would do best to shop in the morning. This way, you can see the latest markdowns and have your pick of inventory.

13. Look for deal displays at the end of the aisle.
When TJ Maxx has a special deal, they place the items at racks or shelves at the end of the aisle. These items are often limited in stock and go fast, so if you see something that you like, make sure to grab it.

14. Look for promo codes.
T.J.Maxx frequently has promo codes that can be found on deal sites. These promo codes are even better than using coupons because there’s usually no restrictions on what you can use the discount for.

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