Mermaid Birthday Party

Option 1: Pearl In a Clam Invitations
Take pink paper and fold it in half and cut out a clam design. You can add a faux pearl inside (you can find them at craft stores). You can add this wording “There’ll be many treasures from under the sea at (child’s name and age) Mermaid birthday party. Meet us at Mermaid Cove at (address) on (date and time).

Option 2: Make Message in a Bottle Invitations
Take plastic bottles and add water blue food coloring with miniature shells and some sand and wrap the invitation around the bottle. Add this wording on blue paper, “I hope you get this message so you can come to (child’s name and age) Mermaid birthday party. You’ll have a wonderful time with us under the sea. Meet us at Mermaid Cove at (address) on (date and time).

Hang blue balloons and streamers from the ceiling. Place blue balloons on the floor so the kids can have fun walking and dancing around them. Place pictures and cutouts of sea life around. Create jellyfish from taping streamers inside paper bowls and hanging them upside down. Place green streamers around for seaweed. Make a treasure chest from a box and paint it gold and place costume beaded jewelry over the edge as the treasure

Decorate the party tables with blue tablecloths, fish netting, shells, sand, sea colored glass beads. You can also place shells, sand and beads in glass jars or vases.

Games and Activities
Feed the Dolphin
Draw a dolphin head on poster board and cut a hole where the kids can throw bean bags.

Mermaid Race
Take green plastic bags for the fins and cut them to fit the kids if they’re too big. Have them run in the bags like a potato sack race.

Crab Race
Mark a starting line and a finish line. Have the kids race each other crab-style (on their hands and feet, bellies up).

Hunt for Treasure
Take a large plastic container and add sand or rice. Let the kids hunt for beads and make necklaces out of them with string.

Dive Under the Sea
Make bean bag fish (cut two fish shapes out of felt fabric, sew or secure with fabric glue, leaving about an inch open to stuff with cotton or newspaper and finish closing). Stuffed animal sea creatures, etc. Have one for each child. Have the kids stand in a circle, holding a blue sheet. You’ll say “Under the Sea, Under the Sea, (child’s name) dive under the sea, the other kids shakes the sheet while the child whose name you called out goes under the sheet, grabs a sea creature, runs out from underneath and tosses it on top of the sheet. Play until all the kids have ran under the sheet.

Pin the Flower on Ariel
Hang a large picture of Ariel on the wall. Make enough copies of a flower for each child, write their names on the backs of them and attach double sided tape. When it’s their turn, place a blindfold on the child, turn them around and let them pin the flower on Ariel. The child who pins their flower closest to the one on the picture wins.

Make Sand Art
You can purchase small jars or bottle necklaces and pastel colored sand.

Ocean Bottle Craft
In baby food bottles, water, blue food coloring, cooking oil, small shells and sea creature confetti. Make sure to secure them shut with a glue gun.

Party Food
Pinwheel Sandwiches (sushi)
Turn hotdogs into octopuses by cutting the bottom halves into legs
Tuna shell pasta salad.
Melon cut with star cookie cutters to look like starfish
Make individual cups of blue jello with fish candy inside and top it with whip cream
Goldfish crackers
Blue Kool-Aid

Party Favors
Sunglasses, Ariel coloring book, coloring pages, Ariel stickers, plush sea animals, beach pail and shovel, bubbles, lip gloss, shell shaped candy, goldfish crackers, Swedish fish

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