Snow White Birthday Party

Option 1: Print out a picture of the Wishing Well and add this wording: “Come make a wish at my Snow White Birthday Party! I’m wishing that your wish will come true!”

Option 2: Apple invitations. Cut out apple shapes and add a red border around the perimeter and add this wording: “Snow White is about to eat the Poison Apple, but you can save her by coming to our party and stopping her!”

Hang pictures of Snow White and the dwarves on the walls. Purchase balloons and streamers in red, blue and yellow.

For the table, purchase blue, red and yellow tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins and plastic silverware. Place a few baskets full of apples for centerpieces.

Games and Activities
Wishing Well
Take grey paper and crinkle it a little so it represents stone. Attach it to a cardboard box or bucket. Give each child a coin and let them make a wish by dropping their coin in the box or bucket.

Mine for Jewels
Place gem stickers in a plastic container under sand or shredded paper. You can use the gem stickers for a mirror decorating craft explained below.

Decorate Your Magic Mirror
Purchase plastic handheld mirrors for this activity. Once the kids find their jewels, have them decorate the mirrors.

Pass the Poisonous Apple
Give the kids an apple to pass around for this Snow White version of Hot Potato.

Which Dwarf Am I
Play a game of charades called Which Dwarf Am I in which each child picks a dwarf name out of a hat, act like that Dwarf (ex. Sleepy—pretends to take a nap) and the other kids have to guess which dwarf she is.

Party Food
Miniature food would fit this theme. Mini pizzas, mini cupcakes.  And lots of apples of course—sliced apples with caramel dip, mini apple pies and apple juice. If you have cupcakes, you can make cupcake toppers by printing small pictures of Snow White and the dwarves, tape them to toothpicks and insert them into the cupcakes.

Party Favors
Snow White coloring pages, a box of colored pencils, a whistle (“Whistle While You Work”), apple flavored candy, apple scented bubbles, apple scented soap

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