Dinosaur Birthday Party

Option 1: Dinosaur Egg Invitation
Cut an egg out of white speckled paper. Cut it in half, in a zig-zagged shape to make it look like a cracked egg. Download a dinosaur about an inch smaller than the egg and glue half the dinosaur on the bottom half of the egg. Then fasten the egg halves together with a brad fastener so your guests can open the egg to reveal the dinosaur. Write “Great things are hatching at (child’s name) birthday party!” and the party details on the egg. “Our little (child’s name)-saurus is turning (child’s age) and we’d like you to stomp on over for a dino-mite birthday party. Join us at our cave at (address, time and date) Give us a ROAR and let us know if you can attend.”

Option 2: Cut out an outline of a dinosaur on green paper and write the party details inside of it. Add this wording, “Get ready for a ROARING good time at (child’s name)-saurus’ Dino-mite birthday party. Join us at our cave at (address, time and date). Don’t be extinct. RSVP to (child’s name)-saurus’ prehistoric parents.”

Purchase green, brown and orange balloons and streamers. Tie balloons to your mailbox. Cut large dinosaur footprints from green construction paper and place them on your walkway, door and inside leading to the party area. Place a sign on your door that says Welcome to (child’s name) Dinosaur Party, “ROARRR” and “Stomp On In” and pictures of dinosaurs.

In the party area, hang green streamers from the ceiling. Hang pictures of dinosaurs on the wall. Place dinosaur blow-ups and stuffed and plastic dinosaurs around. Place any green plants around. Hang "Dinosaur Crossing" signs,

For the table, use green, brown and orange tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins and plasticware. Make a volcano centerpiece by sculpting brown play dough into a volcano. Add strips of red and orange play dough around the volcano for lava. Place plastic dinosaurs around it.

Make name tags for your tags by combing their names with dinosaur names. For examples, the name Mike can become Mike-asaurus.

Games and Activities
Dinosaur Egg Hunt
Hide “dinosaur eggs” around the party area. (You can use Easter eggs that you can paint a tan color and hide small candy inside. You can also place candy in rolled up aluminum foil that you can spray paint tan.)

Paleontologists Dig
Place dinosaur figurines in plastic cups with water in the freezer the night before the party. At the party, hand out hammers and pegs to the kids and let them hammer the ice away to get to the dinosaur. I did let the ice melt a little before the game so it wouldn’t take the kids too long to remove the toys.

Archaeological Dig
Fill a sand table with clean dry sand. Bury plastic dinosaurs and have the kids use sand shovels or sand sifters to find a few dinosaurs to take home as party favors.

Dinosaur Tail Stomp
Tie green ribbons to balloons and them around the kids’ ankles. The object is to stomp on the other kids’ balloons while avoid getting yours stomped on. If your tail is stomped on, you’re out of the game.

Catch a Dinosaur by the Tail
Pick one child to be the dinosaur. The dinosaur tries to tag the others who try to run and prevent being tagged. Once they are tagged, they become the dinosaur’s tail by holding onto each other’s back. Then the dinosaur and the tail try to tag the others until there is one person left and that person becomes the new dinosaur. The challenging part is that the tail can’t break off so they have to stay together to tag others.

Dinosaur Foot Race
You’ll need four tissue boxes for this game. Cut the openings enough for the kids to place their feet inside and add cord around the box to tie and secure around their feet. Create a starting line and a finish line at the opposite sides of the room with tape.
Divide the players into two teams and have the teams line up behind the starting line. The first players in line must put the dinosaur feet on, run to the finish line and back to their team and hand the feet to the next player. the first team that finishes wins.

Dino Egg and Spoon Relay
Create a starting and finish line. Divide the kids into two teams. Give each team a spoon and plastic Easter egg. They have to run to and from the finish without dropping the spoon and egg and hand it to the next person. If a player drops the egg, they have to start all over. The team that finishes first wins.

Tug of War
Play a game of tug of war over a black tarp for a tar pit 

Pin the Horn on the T-Rex
Hang a large picture of a T-Rex and cut out horns from grey paper, making copies for each child. Write their names on the backs of them an attach double-sided tape.

Binoculars craft
You’ll need two paper rolls for each child, plastic wrap, tape, string, markers and dinosaur stickers. Have the kids color the paper rolls and add stickers. Place plastic wrap to both ends and secure with tape. Tape the two rolls together. Take a long piece of string (enough to wrap around the rolls and then use it as a strap around their necks), wrap it around the rolls and secure it with tape and tie the ends.

Party Food
Cut sandwiches and cookies with dinosaur cookie cutters
Brontosaurus Burgers
Dino Hot Dogs
Dino Chicken Nuggets
Volcanic lava juice (red punch)

Cake idea: Search online on how to make a volcano or a erupting volcano cake.

Party Favors
plastic dinosaurs, mini dinosaur puzzles, mini magnifying glasses, dinosaur coloring book or coloring pages, crayons, dinosaur stickers, gummy dinosaurs, dinosaur lollipops

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