Carnival Birthday Party

Option 1: Big Top Invitation

Take a white sheet of paper and add red stripes on one side to make it look like a carnival tent.  With the plain white side facing you, fold the top two corners down to make a point at the top. Then, fold the the bottom halves to make two flaps.

Option 2: Carnival Flyer

Download a flyer for an actual carnival. Remove the information and add your own party information.
Wording: At the top add “BIG TOP” and then underneath, “Step right up for the greatest carnival party of all time” and continue with the rest of the details.

Option 3: Popcorn Bag Invitations

Purchase popcorn bags (the ones they have at carnivals with red and white stripes. Add this wording, "Pop on over for food, games and loads of fun. There are lots of prizes to be won."

Use blue, red and yellow color scheme for balloons and streamers and tableware (tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins and plasticware). For table centerpieces, you can use popcorn boxes and place small bags of candy in them for your guests.

For the games, have separate stations with backdrops using colorful plastic tablecloths or streamers. Make signs for each game.

Make a ticket booth out of an large appliance box, paint red and white stripes on it with a sign that says “TICKETS”. Give out a certain number of tickets to each guest to play the games. You can buy carnival tickets at party supply stores.

Games and Activities
Guess How Many
As your guests arrive, let them play  this. Take a bag of gumballs, count them and place them in a glass jar. Whoever guesses the closest number to the actual amount wins the jar of candy.

Ring Of Fire
Make a Ring of Fire by wrapping a hula hoop with red, orange and yellow tissue paper. Hang the hula hoop. Have your guests throw stuffed animals through it.

Balloon Darts
Take a bunch of water balloons and tack them onto a large piece of cardboard. Place the cardboard up against a wall.

Knock Down the Cans
Place small boxes in a line and use as pedestals for empty soda cans. Give out balls to knock the cans down.

Tic Tac Toe
Create nine boxes inside a large box with tape or chalk. Give out three beanbags to each player. They have to get three in a row to win.

Go Fishing
Cut fish out of construction paper and glue small magnets to them. Take a toy fishing pole and tie the end of the string to a magnet. Place the fish in a large empty container and let the players “catch” a fish.

Take ten 2 liter bottles, put water in them and use a large ball like a basketball to knock them over.

Sack Race
Have the players run in sacks and beat each other to the finish line.

Three-Legged Race
Pair players up, tie the left leg of one player to the right leg of the other player. The object is for the pairs of players to run together without falling over and try to beat each other to the finish line.

Ball Waddle Race
Each player has to run with a ball between their knees to the finish line. If they drop the ball, they have to start over.

Ring Toss
Wrap dowel in tissue paper and place them in the ground. Make rings out of two plastic plates stapled together.

Feed the Lion
Download or draw a picture of a lion and attach it to a piece of cardboard. Cut a large hole where the mouth is and hand out bean bags to your guests to throw them.

Party Food
Serve typical carnival food—hot dogs, corn dogs, burgers, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, jumbo pretzels, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, cupcakes, large swirl lollipops
(You can rent machines for the popcorn and cotton candy—it can be quite expensive though. A better alternative is to purchase individual bags of popcorn and cotton candy)

Party Favors
Use popcorn boxes for the goody bags. The favors can be the prizes that your guests win. You can have extras for the kids that may not have won  games. These can be bouncy balls, yo-yos, bracelets, toy cars, stickers, mini nail polish, individual bags of popcorn or cotton candy, lollipops, animal crackers, etc.

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