Art Birthday Party

Option 1: Artist’s palette invitation. 
Using white paper, cut out a shape of a paint palette, add small "globs of paint" with markers and glue a small paint brush to the invitations.

Option 2: Create a rainbow on a white sheet of paper and add the party details underneath.

Wording: “You’re invited to (child’s name) Art Birthday Party. Ask them to bring art smocks or indicate if you’ll provide them.

Purchase bright colored balloons and streamers. Tie balloons on your mailbox. Make a sign for your front door that says “Welcome to (child’s name) Art Birthday Party” and add splashes of paint. Hang different colored streamers in the entrance to the party area. Make a rainbow out of streamers for one of the walls.

For the tables, use a variety of bright colored balloons, streamers and tableware (tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups and plasticware) and balloons and streamers. Create a wall backdrop of different colored streamers for the main table. For centerpieces, place colored candy in mason jars (blue in one, red in another, etc) and tie coordinated color ribbon around the jars. Place them in a line in the center of the table. For the dessert table, make cupcakes with different colored frosting and place them in the shape of a rainbow.

Games and Activities
Pass the Picture
Have the kids sit in a circle and give each person a plain white sheet of paper and something to lean it on. Have them draw an oval or circle for their face and write their name. Then they pass the paper to the person on their right who adds eyes, then the next person adds the nose, the mouth, ears, hair, then any distinguishing characters like glasses or freckles, etc.

Face Painting
Let your guests paint their faces or pair them up and let them paint each other’s faces. Give out face paint, mirrors and washcloths and don’t forget to take pictures. You can include them with your thank-you cards.

Blind Picasso
Divide kids into pairs and blindfold one player in each pair. Give the blindfold player a sheet of paper and a pencil. Set the timer for three minutes and place an object in front of the partner who can see. The seeing partner then describes the object without saying what it is while the blindfolded player tries to draw it. Each team may have the same object. When the tie is up, let the players remove their blindfolds and let them see how close to the actual object their drawing was.

Decorate a Smock or Apron
Supply your guests with art smocks, fabric markers, fabric paint, stencils, sponge paint stamps or iron on appliques.

Jewelry Making
Let the kids make bracelets from beads and elastic wire. For younger kids, use food such as Fruit Loops® or pasta. Make sure to consider the age group to avoid choking hazards.

Make Tissue Paper Flowers
You’ll need tissue paper in various colors and pipe cleaners. To make the flowers, cut five sheets of tissue paper in any color to the same size square. The larger the size, the larger your flower. Lay the five sheets directly on top of each other. To fold the tissue paper accordion style, hold the sheets of paper together and fold the edge an inch or so over. Then flip over and fold back and continue until the whole sheet has been folded. Make sure to make each fold the same size as the previous ones. Then, twist a pipe cleaner around the middle. This is the stem. Gently pull apart layers of tissue paper from the edge towards the pipe cleaner center until you have formed your flower.

Decorate Picture Frames
Purchase foam picture frames and let them decorate them with foam shapes and letters.

Party Food
Let them make their own mini pizzas. Serve English muffins or bagels, sliced veggies, pepperoni and cheese

Rainbow Vegetable Plate
Do the same as above with a variety of colored vegetables. Serve with hummus and other dips.

Rainbow Fruit Plate
Place a variety of different colored fruit on a plate in the form of a rainbow. Serve with a chocolate dip.

Cupcake or Cookie Decorating
Let them decorate with different frostings, gel pen icing, small candies and sprinkles. Set out a selection of frostings, gel pen icing, and sprinkles and let your guests create a masterpiece.

Rice Krispie paint brushes
Make Rice Krispie treats and add different color frosting to the edges. Then stick a popsicle stick in each.

Party Favors
Mini paint set, paint brushes, small drawing pad, markers, crayons, mini cans of Play dough, sidewalk chalk, art shaped candy

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