6 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Baby

It seems that every time I blink, I miss a special moment in my baby’s life. As parents, we want to capture every moment and milestone at this stage of their lives. And although it doesn’t take much for a baby to look adorable in every photo, you may not be satisfied with some of your photos, and wish that they could look more professional.

And although I’m not a pro, I don’t believe you need to use a professional photographer or purchase a high-end camera, especially if it’s not in your budget. Here are some ideas that have successfully worked for me in capturing those precious moments.

1. Take Candid Photos
I pretty much have given up trying to take those professional photos where a child is looking up into a camera and smiling. Those can take a whole afternoon with a child, and with babies, it’s even more difficult.

I find that natural shots are better, where your baby is just playing. Take pictures in a room where there’s a lot of natural light, or if it’s warm outside, find a place in the shade. Photograph your baby playing, walking or even looking up at you.

2. Keep It Simple
Babies become easily disturbed by stimulation, and can get fussy when you're trying to take their picture. Try to keep it simple to avoid wearing them out or upsetting them. Just take some shots in a pleasant environment. Use their favorite toy to get their attention if you need to, or play soothing music to help relax them. Just keep the photo shoot as simple as you can.

I try to take pictures outdoors since playing in the grass keeps my baby's attention for quite some time. I can also draw her attention to a tree or the flowers in our yard. Plus, the natural light makes for beautiful photographs.

3. Use Siblings and Pets
If you have an older child that likes to play with your baby, or a dog that you would like to get in the shot, use them for candid shots for adorable photos. It will be even more fun for your baby.

The only problem with this is, it will be quite impossible to get a staged picture. So just let them be as they are and take some candid shots.

4. Catch Them by Surprise
One of the best methods of catching precious moments of your children is doing it without them suspecting. Always have your camera ready, and when you see a good chance, take it. You can get some great candid shots this way.

5. Experiment with Your Photos
Try experimenting with different filters and computer programs like Photoshop or PicMonkey. You can change the lighting, crop your photo, or even change, brighten or shade your background.

What I love to do for a classic and dramatic effect is to strip the color to create black and white photos. They come out quite beautiful.

6. Find Different Angles
Parents will usually stand in one spot and take photos. But you can get a lot of great shots by using different angles. Moving around your child or take photos sitting or laying down can really enhance your photos.

In the end, it’s more about creativity and timing than camera equipment. Just always be on the lookout to capture those precious memories.

What methods have you used to take photos of your baby?

Hello, I’m Kelly, a regular contributor on this blog. I live in Pennsylvania with my loving husband and our five beautiful children. I have a background in early childhood education, but I am currently homeschooling my kids. From pregnancy to postpartum to toddler life, I love sharing advice with other moms who are having a challenging time with this crazy but wonderful role of motherhood.

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