50 Free and Frugal Family Spring Activities

Spring is finally here and it’s time to take advantage of what the warm weather has to offer! I am sharing this list of my family’s personal favorite activities to provide you with some inspiration to enjoy this beautiful weather together as a family.

1. Go on a hike. This is great exercise and also provides a wonderful learning experience. I always bring my camera and the kids will bring notepads and when we get back home, we’ll go online and research the different flowers, bugs and wildlife that we discovered on our walk.

2. Have a picnic--either at a park or in your backyard.  On a rainy day, have one inside.

3. Go on a bike ride together.

4. Take a trip to the local nursery and look for new plants for your backyard. Look for vegetables that you can grow.

5. Plant a garden. Use this as a learning opportunity for your kids.

6. Go to a farmer’s market and enjoy the abundance of fresh fruit and veggies.

7. Bring the fresh veggies home from the farmer’s market and have a few special cooking classes with your children. This is especially nice to do in late spring as the school year winds down and the kids have a little more time in the evenings.

8. Have a family baking contest. Or we’ll bake a pie with some fresh fruit that we iced fresh from a farmer’s market a a Pick-your own farm.

9. Go to a Pick-Your Own farm. My oldest daughter loves strawberries and can’t wait for the strawberry season to arrive so she can pick a full basket of strawberries.

10. Go bird watching. 

11. Have a family movie night outdoors.

12. Go fishing.

13. Play sports.

14. Go on a scavenger hunt. Go on a scavenger hunt. You can do a nature scavenger hunt or hide different objects in your yard and give your kids a list of what to search for.

15. Fly kites. We make our own homemade kites and the kids also enjoy decorating them.

16. Go to a local or state park. 

17. Make smoothies with delicious fresh fruit.
18. Visit the beach. Summer isn't here yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a walk on the beach, build sand castles, collect shells and even enjoy a beautiful sunset as a family.

19. Take family pictures. Springtime is a perfect time to take beautiful pictures outdoors. We’ll sit in a park and take pictures of our family with a bunch of wildflowers in the background. 

20. After a long winter, my backyard has seen better days. Have everyone pitch in and make the yard ready to do some planting.

21. Go roller skating.

22. Make flower crafts. You can find numerous flower crafts online that you can do with your kids. 

23. Explore your neighborhood or a neighboring community.
24. Do some star-gazing. Place some blankets in the grass or set up some lounge chairs and do some star-gazing.

25. Go bird-watching. Bring a pair of binoculars and a camera.

26. Visit a farm. My kids love seeing the baby animals during this time of year. If there's no farm close by, try a petting zoo where you’re kids can see some new life.

27. Go to a baseball game. We usually buy tickets to a local semi pro league. We enjoy supporting them and they make it a lot of fun for the kids by inviting them down to the field and giving them activities to play during the breaks. They even have fireworks after some of the games!

28. Tie-dye T-shirts. It’s t-shirt season and one of the things my kids love to do, especially for my daughters, is to take t-shirts and create designs on them.

29. Take a swimming lesson at the local Y. My kids know how to swim, but I like to reinforce swimming safety before summertime, when they’ll be going to pools and the beach.

30. Go to a water park. Depending on where you live, some are open by late Spring.

31. Have story time outside. I homeschool, so sometimes on a nice day, we’ll have our lessons in the backyard. It helps make learning a little more pleasurable.

32. Wash the car together. This is one cleaning job I don’t have any complaints about from anyone!

33. Invite our feathered friends to your yard by making a bird feeder. You can find simple bird feeders that your kids can make online.

34. Build an obstacle course outdoors. It provides great exercise, plus its pretty easy to set up with household items. We use tires, beanbag chairs, boxes.

35. Have a barbecue. Why wait until summer. Put some burgers on the grill and invite your neighbors over.

36. Make a game out of spring cleaning. Make a challenge out of it and in no time you’ll find your kids competing with each other to clean.

37. Have a garage sale. Do a thorough spring cleaning and do some decluttering and make some money.

39. Get the kids outside to do some artwork outside—on your sidewalk! Purchase some sidewalk chalk and let them make their creations on your walkway for the neighbors to admire.

40. Go to a local pond or lake. Speaking about baby animals, my kids love seeing the ducklings and feeding them. We also make miniature boats and float them in some water. Give your kids some food to feed the ducks.

41. This is a good time time to get out and volunteer. Every year, the people in our neighborhoods get together and organize a community clean-up.

42. If you live in a city, this is a great time to visit the countryside, and vice-versa.

43. Watch the sunset. Watch the sunrise. Figure out when the sun will rise and set in your location.

44.  Create a vacation vision board.

45.  Go on a scenic drive.

46. Do some insect watching—My kids, especially my little boy, loves this activity. Make a bug box and let your kids find bugs around your yard. They’ll observe them, and we’ll ask them to describe them. When we’re finished, we’ll set them free. Later on, we’ll look them up online.

47. Go to local fairs. They have so much to offer for the whole family.

48. Learn something new. Maybe a new hobby that your kid wants to take up

49. Start a lemonade stand—This is a great learning opportunity for your kids.

50. Play games outdoors —One of our favorite parties that we had for our kids was a carnival theme. Now we play carnival games on a regular base, like Ping Pong Ball Toss. Sure, you can play them indoors, but they can be so much more fun to play outside.

Hello, I’m Kelly, a regular contributor on this blog. I live in Pennsylvania with my loving husband and our five beautiful children. I have a background in early childhood education, but I am currently homeschooling my kids. From pregnancy to postpartum to toddler life, I love sharing advice with other moms who are having a challenging time with this crazy but wonderful role of motherhood.

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