5 Ways to Reduce Your Phone Bill

Phone bills use up a significant amount of our budget, especially now that the average user is constantly connected. Regardless of your needs and the plan that you are currently using, here are some ways that you can cut back on your phone plan.

1. Cancel your landline. It’s sort of wasteful to have two phones. If you have a landline, how often do you actually use it? The exception to this is if you have a bundle package that includes phone, Internet and cable. Better yet, find out if you can add your cell service into the bundle for even more savings.

2. Save with a family plan. Sharing a phone plan with a few family members or close friends will result in savings for everyone. Also, try to use the same carrier as the people you call the most because your calls and texts will usually be free.

3. Get a phone without all the bells and whistles. Sure, having access to the Internet and tons of apps at your fingertips can help you in your daily routine, but is it worth the high price tag? Also look at all the extra charges. You don’t necessarily need roadside assistance since that is usually covered by your auto insurance.

4. Use WiFi. If you do require Internet access, use WiFi whenever you can so you don’t go over your data. You can use WiFi at home, the office, coffee shops and even the gym.

5. Compare services. If you’re not pleased with your service provider, start shopping around to see what phone and plan would best suit your needs. You can use a site called WhistleOut to easily compare the pricing of different carrier plans. 

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