16 Tips to Survive Summer Pregnancy

I’ve been through two summer pregnancies, so I understand how challenging it is to be comfortable in the summer when you’re pregnant. Luckily I figured out a few helpful ideas to help stay cool and keep my energy up in the summer heat. Today, I’m sharing these tips to help you get through your summer pregnancy.

Take frequent naps.
The heat can drain you of energy, so make sure to restore your batteries by taking frequent naps. I would try to take naps in the afternoon during the hottest part of the day and turn on the ceiling fan to cool off. 

Go for a swim.
There’s nothing lik going for a swim on a hot day, especially when you’re pregnant. I would love to just float in the water. It helps to relieve pressure from your joints and back.

Dress comfortably.
Wear loose, breathable clothing that’s made from cotton. Opt for maxi dresses, maternity t-shirts and tank tops and maternity shorts.

Elevate your feet
Your feet, ankles and legs are prone to swelling when you’re pregnant from all the extra weight that you’re carrying around.And the summer heat can cause the swelling to become worse, so try to elevate your feet when you’re sitting to help reduce the swelling.

Stay hydrated.
This one may be obvious, but sometimes we get busy and forget to drink enough water. This is especially important during pregnancy, regardless of the temperature. Make sure to get enough fluids; experts recommend drinking 8 glasses of water per day. Carry around a water bottle with you, keep one in your handbag, at your bedside, etc.

Run errands in the early morning.
Try to run any errands you have in the early morning so that you don’t have to run around during the hottest part of the day. Try to avoid outdoor activity during hottest time of day. In many areas, this is between 11 am and 4 pm.

Get comfortable shoes.
Flip-flops may seem like the obvious choice, but they don’t provide much arch support. I would recommend getting a good pair of sandals with arch support.

Decrease your salt intake.
Salt makes you retain fluids and makes pregnancy swelling worse.
Too much salt can increase swelling
Try to avoid foods that contain high levels of sodium.

Eat cooling foods
Your diet can make huge difference in how you feel and healthy and cooling foods can help you feel so much better in the summer. Some foods that you may want to incorporate are salads (tuna or chicken salad for lunch and a side salad for dinner), raw vegetables with homemade dip, fruit (take advantage of the abundance of summer fruit), smoothies and homemade fruit popsicles.

Use a washcloth.
Place a wet washcloth on your forehead or the back of your neck to keep cool. You can also use a cool gel compress.

Get a hair cut.
This may seem a little extreme for some expectant moms, but it can make a huge difference during the summer. Not only can it make you feel cooler, but it’s nice to have a hairstyle that’s easier to manage.

Prepare simple and effortless meals.
Cooking over a hot stove is probably one of the last things that you want to do on a hot summer day, specially when you’re pregnant. A smart solution to this is to make meals that can be cooked with your instant pot or slow cooker.  Freezer meals can also help. Choose a day to prepare for the week and you’’ be all set with meals that you just have to heat up.

Stay in the shade.
Being in the sun can be dangerous when you’re pregnant since you can overheat quickly. Try to sit in a shady spot when you’re relaxing outside. If you don’t have too much shade in your yard, purchase a summer umbrella.

Remove your rings.
Your hands and feet can really swell up during pregnancy and the heat can make it much worse. You may not realize that your hands are swelling until you feel how tight your rings are. And you don’t want them to get stuck to the point where you can’t even take them off, so take them off before that happens.

Buy a portable fan.
When you’re running around in the summer heat, having a portable fan can help so much.You can also bring along a misting bottle to spray some cool water on yourself.

Stay in the air conditioning
If you don’t want to be cooped up at home and you want to stay cool, take a trip to the mall (it’s always fun to buy cute baby clothes) or go see a movie (you won’t have much time for that once the baby comes!). If you have little ones, take them to the library where they have a lot of free summer events, children’s museums, aquariums, or kid-friendly restaurants that have play areas.

Do you have any tips to survive the summer heat while pregnant. Leave a comment below.

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