10 Ways to Celebrate
Your Baby's First Christmas

If you have a baby, you may think that there’s nothing that you can do to celebrate their first Christmas, but there are many traditions that you can start this year and continue for many years to come.

Your baby may not remember what you do this year, but she will be able to take it all in and experience Christmas. Celebrating with your baby is also a great way for you to enjoy the season even more and create many wonderful memories to look back on.

1. Walk Around and Look at the Lights
One of the things that make the Christmas season so exciting is the lights and decorations. Walk through your town to see all the light displays, or if it’s too cold for your baby, drive through the area. Either way, your baby will have a blast taking in all the Christmas lights and sounds.

2. Take Some Holiday Themed Family Pictures
You’ll want to go back and see how much your baby has changed from this year to the next. Schedule a photo shoot with a photographer or as a friend to take a picture of your family.

3. Baby’s First Present
Make sure that you take photos of your baby shredding up the gift wrapping and the sweet look on their face when they see their gift. Of course, the gift that you put inside should be meaningful for your baby which at this stage is probably anything they can chew on.

4. Bake Cookies with Baby
Baking cookies can be a new tradition that you can start with your baby. You an even let them help if they’re old enough or you can let your baby play with their own dough.

5. Read Christmas Books
Go to the library and check out some Christmas boos or start a Christmas book collection and purchase a few books to have for years to come.

6. Listen to Christmas Music
Babies love music, so why not introduce them to Christmas music now. A lot of stations play Christmas music all day long this time of year or you can purchase some children’s Christmas music too.

7. Get a picture with Santa
You can go to the mall or find out where Santa will be appearing locally for free pictures. There usually are quite a number of businesses that advertise free pictures with Santa this time of year.

8. Watch a Nativity Play
Schools and local churches usually put on nativity plays. Start this year letting your baby know about Jesus by taking your baby to this beautiful performance.

9. Countdown to Christmas
As your child gets older, he or she will appreciate this one. You can build your child’s anticipation with an Advent calendar. It’s the perfect tool for explaining the events leading up to Christmas.

10. Make a Handprint Ornament
Make a handprint ornament that you can treasure for many years to come. You can also use your baby’s footprint.

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