10 Ways for Dad to Bond with Baby

My husband is a wonderful father and has always had a good relationship with our kids. But with our first baby, it took some time for him to really bond with his child. Sometimes your husband may need a little inspiration to bond with his baby. Here are some ideas for him to feel closer to his child.

1. Take turns feeding baby. When I was nursing, I would use my breast pump to give my husband a chance to feed the baby, and it would give me a chance to rest when I was sore.

2. Sing to your baby. Your baby responds well to lullabies, and it helps with language development.

3. Give your baby massages. The magic of physical touch not only helps with bonding, it has health benefits as well.  

4. Be silly. Make your baby laugh through funny faces, voices or light tickling. 

5. Talk to your baby. Whenever you’re around your baby, talk or sing to her. This lets her recognize your voice and also develop the art of language.

6. Read to your baby. The sound of your voice is reassuring to her. And it’s never too early to establish a habit of reading.  

7. Take a bath with your baby. Having close contact and skin to skin touch is a great way to bond with your baby.

8. Take on diaper duty. Babies need to be changed several times a day, so this is a great time to bond. Tickle your baby, talk to her and just make her feel more comfortable with you.

9. Take your baby for a walk. Put her in a stroller, or even better yet, use a sling or carrier to keep your baby close to you.

10. Be a part of the bedtime routine. This is a great time to bond with your baby, whether it’s soothing her with your voice by singing her to sleep or reading a book that she enjoys.

There are so many ways a dad can bond with his baby. Whatever you choose to do, take advantage of this precious time. It slips away oh so fast.

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