Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Hello Kitty Invitations—Folded pink card stock in half and place a picture of Hello Kitty on a cloud on the front. Inside, on the top half, place an image of a cloud and place a photo of your child on top of the cloud. Add this wording on the bottom half, “You’ll have a purr-fectly wonderful time at (child’s name and age) Hello Kitty birthday party.

Purchase pink, purple and pale green balloons and streamers. Purchase Hello Kitty balloons or draw Hello Kitty’s face on balloons and add ears with construction paper. Tie balloons to your mailbox. Hang a sign on your front door welcoming guests and place a picture of Hello Kitty on it.

You can make wall decorations by cutting clouds out of white paper and placing pictures of Hello Kitty on top of the clouds.

Use pink, purple and pale green for tableware (tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups and silverware). You can also purchase some Hello Kitty tableware and mix and match.  For centerpieces, create Rainbow Forest with jars of candy. Draw Hello Kitty on white paper plates, attach them to small dowels and stick them in the jars of candy.Place balls of yarn in baskets on the table. Flowers in vases would also be a nice touch.

For your guests, make cat ears by cutting black felt fabric ears and gluing them onto pink headbands. Hand them out to the kids as they arrive.

Activities and Games
Face Painting

You can add butterflies or flowers or just some whiskers.

Pass the Saucer

Let them pass a saucer around until the music stops. The child who is holding the saucer when the music ends can receive a butterfly or flower sticker.

Paw Print Art

Make handprint art. It’s a fun activity for the kids where they place their hand in a plate of paint and make a handprint on paper.

Catnip Hunt

Hide snack bags around the room and have the kids hunt them down.

Stick the Flower on Kitty

Take a poster of Hello Kitty and place it on a wall. Give out flower stickers for the kids to place on her.

Yarn Maze
Take yarn and create a maze that the kids can go through. String the yarn over, under, and all around to create a fun obstacle course. Large areas or outdoors would be best for this game.

Friendship Bracelets
Give out  beads and elastic string. Depending on the age group, they may need assistance.

Party Food
Chicken salad sandwiches, pb&j sandwiches, mac & cheese, tuna fish pasta salad, meow mix (granola, raisins, nuts and chocolate chips in baggies). In the show, Hello Kitty’s mom always enjoys making apple pies, so why not serve your guests some? You can serve a large pie or small individual pies.

Party Favors
Decorate bags to look like Hello Kitty with a marker.
Hello Kitty hair accessories, stick-on earrings, Hello Kitty coloring book or coloring pages and crayons, Hello Kitty stickers

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