Construction Birthday Party

Option 1: Take thin yellow strips of paper and write the word “CAUTION” on the strips with a black Sharpie and tape them around the edges of the invitation to make it look like caution tape. Place a picture of a dump truck at the top. Add this wording “There will be a high risk of having too much fun at (child’s name and age) birthday party. Proceed with Caution.”

Option 2: Take a photo of your child in a toy hard hat and holding a toy tool. Add this wording, “You’re invited to do some diggin’ in the dirt at Foreman (child’s name and age) Construction Birthday Party. He’s looking for a new construction crew and if you’re up for getting dirty, please come join him on (date, time and place).

Make signs out of yellow and orange poster board that say “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”, KIDS AT PLAY, YIELD, DANGER, DETOUR AHEAD AND HARD HAT AREA. Place in front of your house and inside the party area. You can also use caution tape on your front door and in the party area. Decorate with orange, yellow and black balloons and streamers and tableware (tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins and silverware). For table centerpieces, place snacks in pails and toy shovels that they can dig the snacks out with. Tie balloons to the pails.

Games and Activities
Decorate Hardhats
You can purchase hardhats for the kids and have them decorate them with construction themed stickers.

Build a House
Provide boxes (shoe, cereal), construction paper, markers, scissors, etc. Let the children use their imagination and build a house.

Boulder Toss
Use bean bags and a dump truck toy or box. From a line you can tape on the floor, have the kids toss the boulders into the truck.

Highest Tower
Set out wooden blocks or cardboard bricks had have the kids build the highest tower they can without it falling down. You can make it more challenging by seeing who can stack 10 blocks the fastest. This can also be a relay game with kids from teams stacking one block at a time on their tower.

Wrecking Ball
Create a wrecking ball with a lightweight ball, tie heavy duty string around it and secure it with tape. You can even spray paint it black. Stack up some boxes that the kids can knock down with the wrecking ball.

Work Site Obstacle Course
Set up a work site with obstacles the kids have to go through such as a 2x4 board they walk across, work tables they walk under, orange cones or paint cans they zigzag around, and warning tape in criss cross shapes they crawl through. They can play this individually by clocking their time or as a team relay.

Pin the Scoop on the Excavator (similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey)
Take an image of an excavator and enlarge it. Then take an image of a scoop for the excavator and make copies for each child and write the kids’ names on the back of each one. Let the kids take turns taping the scoop on the excavator.

Party Food
Build your own Sandwich—Provide lunch meat and cheese and condiments and let the kids construct their own sandwiches.

Bagged Lunches—A fun idea for this theme is to make bagged lunches with sandwiches, cheese, crackers and fruit.

Construct a Pizza—Create a pizza bar so they can build their own pizzas. Give out English muffins with some sauce and let the kids add cheese, peppers, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni and other favorite toppings.

Party Favors
Take plain brown lunch bags and add caution tape to them. Include favors such as: play dough, silly putty, plastic tools, plastic hard hats, pails and shovels, Legos, construction-themed stickers

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