Airplane Birthday Party

Option 1: Boarding Pass Invitation

Create an airline boarding pass on your computer with the party information. Add this wording: Prepare for Take-Off! at (child’s name and age) birthday party. Please bring your Boarding Pass to (your surname) Airlines at (address) and date and time of the party.

Option 2: Passport Invitation

Cut a few sheets of 8-1/2 x 11 in half and then fold those in half and staple them to make a notebook. On the outside, write “Your official passport to lots of fun at (child’s name and age) Airplane birthday party.” The kids can fill in the rest of it with drawings and stickers when they come to the party.

Option 3: 
On light blue paper, place plane and cloud graphics and write “The sky’s the limit at (child’s name and age) airplane birthday party!

Place a sign on your front door that says “Welcome Aboard!” or “Gate (child’s age)”. For the party area, use blue and white balloons and crepe paper. Place suitcases around the area. Make paper airplanes out of colored paper and hang them from the ceiling using fishing line. Hang maps and pictures of planes on the wall. Make an Arrivals/Departures sign on poster board. Write trains and times based on family names and dates.

On the tables, you can place a green tablecloth and add a strip of white crepe paper down the center to make it look like a runway. Place toy planes and clear Christmas lights in the center. Or, use a light blue tablecloth and cut clouds out of white paper and place them around the table, along with toy planes.

Games and Activities
Plane Race

Make a starting line and a finish line on the floor with tape. Blow up a balloon for each child and add some airplane stickers on the balloons for even more fun. Count down from three and when you say go, each child tries to cross the finish line by tossing or hitting their “plane.”

Runway Obstacle Course

This game is best played in a large open area. Create a runway with tape, chalk, etc to mark boundaries. Place some non-breakable items such as balls and toys that will represent other planes on the runway. How to play the game: Pair up the children. One child plays the pilot and the other will be the air traffic controller. The air traffic controller’s job is to guide the pilot (blindfolded) down the runway without running into the other planes (non-breakable items). The first pilot stands at the beginning of the runway with their arms stretched out like a plane. The air traffic controller can stand anywhere along the runway, but the best position is behind the pilot. This will prevent confusion when they use the commands right and left. Once the pilot is blindfolded, the other kids can throw more items on the runway to make the game more challenging. After the kids have added the extra “planes”, the controller guides the pilot down the runway using commands like, “Take  three steps forward”, One step right”, Three steps to the left”. If the child crashes, the next team takes a turn. The team who makes it the furthest on the runway without crashing wins.

Luggage Relay

Place two bunches of clothing and two suitcases on one side of the party area. Divide the kids into two teams and place them on the opposite side of where the clothing is. The first child runs to the other side, packs the clothing in the suitcase and runs back and hands the suitcase to the second child. The second child runs to the other side, unpacks the clothing and then runs back and hands the empty suitcase to the next child and so on. The team that finishes first wins.

Find the Plane in the Clouds

Fill a large container with packing peanuts. Place enough toy planes in the container for each child to find one. Let the kids go one at a time to find a plane. You can make the game more challenging by timing them to see who finds an plane the fastest.

Musical Clouds

Play like Musical Chairs. Cut clouds out of white paper and place on chairs.

Pin the Pilot on the Plane

Print out a large picture of a plane and draw an outline where the pilot should be sitting. Print out pictures of pilots and write a child’s name on the backs of them. Using double-sided tape, blindfold one child at a time, spin them around and have them try to place the pilot in the correct location. The child closest is the winner.

Decorate Planes

For a craft, you can purchase wood or foam planes to decorate. Or let the kids make paper airplanes and decorate them with markers and plane-themed stickers.

Party Food
Pizza or sandwich heroes (both are shaped like planes).
Sandwiches and cookies cut with plane-shaped cookie cutters.

Goody Bags
Purchase blue bags and tape clouds on them. Write “Courtesy of (child’s name) Airlines.

Party Favors
toy plane, toy compass, mini globe, airplane stickers

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