7 Tips and Tricks to Look Slimmer in Pictures

They say that the camera adds ten pounds, but there are times when it feels more like 20 pounds to me. The good news is that you can easily look slimmer in photos by carefully choosing slimming outfits to wear when you get your photo taken. Or, you can look thinner in photos by posing certain ways or by utilizing camera tricks. Here are 7 tips to help you appear slimmer in photos.

1. Choose a well-fitting outfit.
Even more importantly than the color of your clothing is the fit. Avoid anything boxy that falls away from your body and widens you visually, and wear a tailored outfit instead. Accentuate your thinner areas, like with a belt or a dress that has a cinched waist.

2. Wear dark, solid colors
We all may know that black is slimming but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up color. Any dark color like navy, eggplant or maroon will have the same slimming effect. Large prints and patterns can make you look bigger, so if you want the focus to be on your face, a solid color will do a better job.

3. Invest in shapewear.
To create a thin looking appearance, consider investing in a piece of shapewear for the area that you want to target. Shapewear, for instance, from a top brand like Spanx, is designed and created with the purpose of smoothing out the body and making us look slimmer. It can flatten your tummy, make your thighs look slim, and give your butt a lift. You can find several different styles that can meet your needs here.  

4. Put your hand on your hip.
Another trick that women use in photos is put heir hand on their hip. This ensures that their arm isn’t smooshed against their body, which can make the upper arms look chunky.

5. Stand at a 45 degree angle.
If you want to look slimmer in photos, try to avoid being photographed head-on. Instead, turn slightly to the side, put one foot in front of the other so that your front foot is pointing toward the camera, and then lean your body wight on your back foot.

6. Photograph from above.
Another trick is to angle your camera slightly above your face to help elongate your neck and body.

7. Stand (or sit) tall.
If you’ve ever needed a reason not to slouch, this is it. Good posture has many health benefits, with the added bonus of adding length to your frame.

8. Cross your legs at the ankles and not the knees.
Just as you don’t want your arms pressed against your body in photos, you want to smoosh your legs together either. Sit on the edge of your seat and cross your legs at the ankles to help make your legs look thinner and avoid the appearance of cellulite.

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