10 Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

10 Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

Whether you’re on a tight budget and want to create a handmade gift to save money, or you just want to give something that’s more personalized, a gift basket is always well-received and very much appreciated.

To make a gift basket, think of the recipient’s interests or hobbies. Does the person enjoy reading or do they have a green thumb, or maybe they can use a little pampering? Whatever their pursuits or needs are, you can easily fill a basket with items that are well-suited for them. Start off with a basket or pretty container, cellophane and ribbon and use the following ideas to create your basket. And remember to add a special note with your basket.

1. Crafting Basket
Use a pretty storage container for her crafting supplies (depending on what kinds of crafts she does), which can include scrapbooking paper, glue gun and glue sticks, decoupage medium, gel pens, rolls of ribbon and florist’s foam.

2. Spa Basket
Treat her to a spa treatment with a beautiful basket filled with luxurious items including aromatherapy candles, bath pillow loofah sponge, body lotions, soaps and nail polish.

3. Sports Basket
Last year, my husband and I made one for my brother-in-law who is a big sports enthusiast. We filled a large canvas bag with sports jerseys, baseball caps, books on sports, trading cards, a beer mug, nuts and chips.

4. Gardening Basket
For someone with a green thumb. Fill a terra cotta pot or watering can with gardening gloves, gardening tools, a variety of seed packets and decorative plant markers.

5. Pasta Night Basket
Fill a colander or large bowl with gourmet pasta, gourmet sauce, extra-virgin olive oil, spices (basil, oregano, garlic powder), a pair of thongs and a pasta cookbook.

6. Book Basket
For the avid reader, find out what genre she likes and head to the bookstore. Fill the basket with assorted teas and cookies and a few books, including ones on CDs that she can listen to while driving.

7. Handyman Basket
This was a much-appreciated gift for friends of ours who had just bought a house that needed a lot of updating. They wanted to do most of the work themselves since they couldn’t afford a contractor. We decided to purchase a toolbox with a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, pliers, assorted nails and screws, paint brushes and a gift card for a hardware store.

8. Grandparent Basket
I couldn’t decide what to get for my parents or my in-laws one year, so I decided to fill baskets with personalized family gifts. I added gifts that their grandchildren made for them, the artwork that the kids made, recent family pictures in frames, and a videos of our family on vacation. Both sets of grandparents loved them and they’re still talking about them.

9. Movie Night Basket
Include movie tickets or DVDs / Blu-Rays, popcorn, soda, movie theater style candy and a coupon for free babysitting.

10. A Get Better Basket
Fill up a gift basket that will bring comfort to someone. Chicken soup (packaged that just needs to be heated up), super soft tissues, books or magazines and chocolate.

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