25 Ways to Use Dryer Sheets
Around Your Home

Along with making clothes soft and fresh-smelling, dryer sheets can be used in dozens of ways around your home. Their clean scent covers up plenty of odors, and they’re abrasive enough to clean, but wont damage most surfaces. Here are 25 of our favorite uses for dryer sheets.

1. Garbage Can Deodorizer
Place a dryer sheet at the bottom of the can to minimize trash odors.

2. Home Air Freshener
Place dryer sheets under couch cushions and other discreet areas for a fresh home scent.

3. Clean Cookware
Soak cookware with burnt or baked-on food in warm water, with a dryer sheet. It makes clean-up much easier.

4. Clothes Hamper Deodorizer
If you have sweaty clothes from working outside or from a gym bag, chances are you clothes hamper smells too. Drop a dryer sheet in the bottom to fight bad odors.

5. Bathroom Freshener
Roll up a dryer sheet in your toilet paper roll. Each time you spin it, it will release some freshness in your bathroom.

6. Pet Hair Remover
Swipe dryer sheets across furniture, floors, lampshades and clothing to clean up per hair.

7. Diaper Bag Deodorizer
Place some dryer sheets in your diaper bag to wrap around a dirty diaper to keep it from smelling until you can throw it out.

8. Swiffer Cloth Alternative
Attach a dryer sheet (you may have to add layers)  to a dust mop to pick up dirt, dust and hair off the floor.

9. Remove Deodorant Stains
Use a dryer sheet to wipe away deodorant stains from your clothing.

10. Shoe Deodorizer
Place a dryer sheet in the toes of your shoes to minimize odors.

11. Drawer Sachet
If dryer sheets make your clothing smell good in the dryer, think about what they can do in the dresser. Slip a few between folded clothes.

12. Car Freshener
Car fresheners can get expensive and they generally don’t last very long for how much we spend. Instead of buying a fresheners, place a dryer sheet in your car and let release the fresh scent.

13. Gym Bag Deodorizer
Sweaty clothes smell pretty bad, but you can change that by tossing a dryer sheet into the bag.

14. Remove Dust
Wipe your window blinds clean to get rid of dust. The wipes have anti-static properties that will help repel dust and dirt.

15. Soap Scum Remover
Take a wet dryer sheet to remove soap scum build up on shower doors, shower curtains or tiles.

16. Luggage Freshener
Luggage can get musky when it’s stored and can smell bad when traveling back home because of dirty clothes. Place a dryer sheet inside to give it a fresh scent.

17. Remove Dust from Electronics
Use a dryer sheet to dust television and computer monitor screens to pick up dust and help to reduce static. Remember, never use a dryer sheet that’s already dampened. The moisture can harm screens.

18. Iron Cleaner
Turn your iron on low heat and run he iron over the dry sheet until all the grim is removed.

19. Hairbrush Cleaner
When your hairbrush gets dirty, put a dryer sheet in warm water. Then soak your brush for a few hours. Dry it and it should be good as new.

20. Sharpen Scissors
If your scissors aren’t cutting as well as they should, wipe the blades with a dryer sheet to sharpen them.

21. Repel Rodents
Use dryer sheets to keep out mice from your basement

22. Fight Static
Rub a dryer sheet on clothing, pantyhose and even your hair to eliminate static.

23. Toilet Cleaner
Hard water stains are so hard to clean and they can make your toilet look horrible. Instead, place two dryer sheets inside the toilet and let sit. then use a toilet brush to scrub clean.

24. Sand Remover
Dryer sheets are great at removing dry sand off skin. Wipe yourself down with a dryer sheet to get rid of the sand.

25. Bug Repellent
Mosquitoes don’t like the smell of dryer sheets, so put a sheet in your pocket or slip one into your belt loop to ward them off.

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