25 Cheap and Easy DIY Farmhouse
Decor Ideas

Photo credit: funkyjunkinteriors.net

Coffee Cup Holder by funkyjunkinteriors.net

Photo credit: knickoftime.net

House Numbers Sign with Hanging Planter by knickoftime.net

Photo credit: theturquoisehome.com

Farmhouse Wooden Box Centerpiece by theturquoisehome.com

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Decorate your bedroom with Wood Beam and Lace Curtains by lovegrowswild.com

Photo credit: funkyjunkinteriors.net

Stepladder Side Table by funkyjunkinteriors.net

Photo credit: funkyjunkinteriors.com

Make this charming love sign with rope by funkyjukinteriors.com

Photo credit: addicted2diy.com

Farmhouse Produce Rack by addicted2diy.com

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Transform thrift store canisters with a farmhouse look by twelveonmain.com

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Learn how to make a plank wall by blesserhouse.com

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This gorgeous farmhouse bench was made for under $25 by cherishedbliss.com

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Pallet Wood Welcome Sign by housebyhoff.com

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Wooden Curtain Rods by maisondepax.com

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Use ceiling fan blades to create Windmill Wall Decor by sadieseasongoods.com

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Farmhouse Coffee Table by lovegrowswild.com

Photo credit: littlehouseoffour.com

Turn plain containers into Industrial Farmhouse Storage Drawers by littlehouseoffour.com

Photo credit: funkyjunkinteriors.net

Industrial farmhouse pantry sign and shelf by funkyjunkinteriors.net

Photo credit: knickoftime.net

Chalkboard with Rustic Wooden Frame by knickoftime.net

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Wire Laundry Hamper by themerrythought.com

Photo credit: cherishedbliss.com

Place a bathroom mirror in a frame by cherishedbliss.com

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Learn how to make this beautiful barn quilt by newlywoodwards.com

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Learn how to make this Plug-In Sconce by mylove2create.com

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Decorate mason jars for simple and beautiful home organization by masonjarcraftslove.com

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Wooden Coat Rack by thegoldensycamore.com

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Learn how to make a boxwood wreath by tableandhearth.com

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Repurpose a Paint Can into a Hanging Flower Pot by knickoftime.com