9 Pilates Workouts for Beginners
That Will Tighten and Tone Your Body

Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that strengthens your core and improves your posture, flexibility, balance, and coordination. If you’re looking to tighten and tone your physique as well as lose weight, these pilates workouts are a great place to start. We’ve included both mat and reformer workouts to choose from that will help you burn fat, as well as sculpt and tone your whole body.

Here are 9 pilates exercises for beginners that will help you tone and sculpt your whole body.

1. Butt Lifting & Thigh Sculpting Workout | POP Pilates for Beginners by blogilates
This 15 minute workout will lift your butt and sculpt and tone your inner and outer thighs. Since this is a beginner workout, there are modifications for the exercises to help you along. No equipment is required for this workout. Some of the exercises you’ll do include side leg lifts, leg Circles, grasshoppers and belly walking.

2. Pilates for Beginners Workout by The Balanced Life Pilates with Robin Long
In this workout, you’ll start with some breathing warm-up exercises and then go through a series of strength-building exercises. No equipment is required and she provides modifications for the exercises.

3. 20 Minute Full Body Pilates Workout For Beginners by Jessica Valant
This 20 minute workout will work your whole body and requires no equipment. She clearly explains all the proper forms and techniques of each exercise. She also provides modifications and variations to help you along.

4. POP Pilates for Beginners -- Total Body Workout by blogilates
If you’re new to pilates, this workout is for you, as she spends a lot of time explaining the principals of pilates, such as proper breathing, posture, and form that will help you understand pilates basics. You will work your abs, legs, and arms, and you’ll definitely feel the burn. No equipment is required for this workout.

5. 25 Minute Full Body Pilates Workout for Beginners by Move With Nicole
This 25 minute workout for beginners requires no equipment, just a yoga mat. Whether you’re new to pilates or just want to slow down your workout, this workout is for you.

6. Body Slimming Pilates Workout for Beginners by blogilates
This body slimming workout which requires no equipment, will work every muscle group in your body. She goes through all the forms and techniques so you understand the basics and why you’re doing what you’re doing.

7. Flat Abs Pilates Workout for Beginners by blogilates
If you want to specifically work on your abs, she goes over forms and techniques that you will use for advanced ab pilates workouts. She will show you exercises like roll ups, hundreds legs up, double leg stretch, single leg drop, double leg extensions, table top crunch, legs up crunch, oblique swivels, twisting crunch, side plank. No equipment is required.

8. Pilates Reformer Workout by Nell Hoess
This is a 45 minute full body Pilates reformer workout for beginners that will have you feeling strong, aligned, lengthened and connected to your core. She gives clear, detailed instructions.

9. Pilates Reformer Workout for Beginners - Pilates Reformer Tips and Exercises by Jessica Valant
In this Pilates Reformer Workout for Beginners, you will learn tips on how to use a Pilates reformer as well as beginner Pilates reformer exercises. You’ll get a full body workout while also learning how to safely and effectively use your Pilates reformer.

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