Despicable Me Birthday Party

Use yellow and blue paper to make Minions on the front. Draw on the eyes and goggles, hair and mouths. Write the information in the back and write “Calling all Minions” or “Assemble the Minions”. You’re invited to celebrate (child’s name and age) birthday party.

On your front door, place a yellow tablecloth on the top part of your door and a blue one on the bottom half. Draw eyes and goggles and use black construction paper for the hair, goggles strap and mouth. Or, place a sign on the door with Minions party rules. “You will not cry or whine or laugh or giggle or sneeze or burp or fart. No annoying sounds. Now you may come in.”

For the party area, decorate with yellow balloons and tape blue tissue paper to the bottom. Draw on the eyes and goggles, hair and mouths. Make a Box of Shame (large enough box for a kid to sit in) with candy and water and a sign for each.

For the table, place a yellow tablecloth on the top 2/3 of the table and a blue tablecloth at the bottom. Take black construction paper and cut out goggles, hair and a mouth. Make minion cups with yellow cups. For the centerpieces, make bottle Minions. Take a few plastic bottles, stuff about 1/3 of them with blue tissue paper and the rest with yellow tissue paper. Use construction paper to make the hair, eyes and goggles and mouths. Take a book and create a cover that says “How To Be A Successful Villain.”

Games and Activities
Gru Says
Have an adult dress as Gru, with a black and white striped scarf, a black coat and do their best with a French accent while giving the kids orders for this game.

Freeze Ray
Gru has a Freeze Ray Gun and this freezes any one he shoots. To play off of this, play a little game of Tag with a twist. Make two teams—call one team, Team Gru and the other, Team Vector. To know who is on which team give them all Matching Bandanas or colored rubber bands on their wrists.  Each team must try and tag a person from the other team and if they do, that person must FREEZE in place. The only way to get unfrozen is by having another one of their teammates tag them. Keep playing until one team is completely frozen in place.

Fluffy Unicorn
Gru takes the kids to a Carnival and Agnes see a Fluffy Unicorn and says “Its so Fluffy I’m Gonna Die”. Gru has to win the unicorn by knocking down a Spaceship. To play off of this, take a few two liter soda bottle and add some construction paper to make them look like spaceships. Have the kids knock the bottles down with small balls.

Steal the Moon
Gru’s evil plan is to steal the moon so lets play off of this with a game of Tag. The person who is it would be Gru. Have a ball that Gru will be holding that is the moon. All of the other players must catch Gru and when he is tagged, he must quickly hand the tagger the moon and he is out of the game and the tagger is now Gru. Continue playing until you have a winner.

Shrink Ray
Of course Gru in the movie has all kinds of fun Guns that do all kinds of things and one is a Shrink Ray Gun. This is a fun game you can play outside on a hot day. Give each guest a Water Gun (Shrink Ray Gun) – You can find many inexpensive ones and if you write their names on it with permanent marker they can take them home as a party favor. On go, they must run and try and get each other wet. If a guest has been hit then they must shrink – kneel down or lay down where they got hit and they are out. Keep playing until all your guest have been shrunk but one.

Most Annoying Sound Contest
Permission to make annoying sounds—a kid’s dream come true!

Party Food
Margo and Edith’s Minion Pizza, Minions Munch with pretzels, popcorn, blue m&ms and edible googly eyes. Color bananas to look like Minions.
Party Favors
Buy blue bags and decorate them with yellow construction paper and add the eyes, and goggle and hair.
Place Minions coloring books and crayons, Minions stickers, Minion bouncy balls

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