8 Tips to Get Fuller Lips Naturally

Want luscious and fuller lips without spending a lot of money? Big pouty lips can make the face look even more attractive. Although not everyone is luck enough to have a plump pout, you can get fuller lips with these simple tips and tricks.

1. Exfoliate
Just like you exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin to reveal new glowing skin, is the same way exfoliating your lips will remove flaky skin and make your lips soft and smooth. When your lips are dry and flaky, they reflect less light which can make them look smaller than they are. Wet a toothbrush and gently brush your lips in a small circular motion. This will also boost circulation, giving them a rosy hue.

2. Highlight your lips
Applying a light and bright highlighter to your cupid’s bow (the upper middle of your lips, where your lips make a little dip) will make your lips appear larger by reflecting light. Apply a little with your finger along the cupid’s bow or use a soft brush.

3. Hydrate your lips
Make sure to hydrate your lips before putting on makeup. When your lips are dry and dehydrated, they look smaller. Make sure to moisturize your lips with lip balm and reapply it throughout the day. And remember to stay hydrated by drinking enough water. Your lips tend to become dry when you’re dehydrated.

4. Over-line your lips
By slightly over-lining your lips, you can easily achieve the look of fuller lips. Use a lip liner that’s one or two shades darker than your lip color. Using a darker shade will cover up your natural lip line. Draw an outline slightly outside your natural lip line. Fill in your lips with the liner or with a lipstick that’s a matching color. Using a matching lipstick will keep your makeup looking natural and seamless. And, since darker colors can make your lip to appear flat, apply some clear  lip gloss to the center of your lips. This will reflect light and make our lips look fuller.

5. Choose light lipstick shades
When choosing lipstick color, opt for lighter shades. Dark colors tend to make your lips look smaller, while light colors make your lips look more fuller.

6. Apply lip gloss
Apply some lip gloss to both your top and bottom lip—but just in the center. The shine that lip gloss gives your lips helps to reflect light and makes them appear fuller. Use a clear gloss or one that matches your lipstick.

7. Add layers
Easily add dimension with an extra layer of lipstick. After applying the first coat of your favorite color lipstick, take a slightly lighter shade and dab it in the middle of your lips. This will instantly give you a fuller pout.

8. Try lips masks
Lip masks provide hydration to your lips which helps give you a luscious pout. Some are worn overnight while others are worn for a short period, such as fifteen minutes or so. And, as an added benefit, many lip masks on the market are infused with collagen, which helps minimizes the appearance of fine lines and can make your lips smoother.

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