Accomplish More with Time Blocking

How often has the day ended with you wondering how you only completed half the tasks that you set out to do. Organizing our time is one of the biggest challenges most of us face. Today, I want to share a time management method, called time blocking, that’s become a game changer for me and it can benefit anyone who wants to get more done without getting overwhelmed.

Time blocking helps you plan your day by assigning different tasks that you want to get done during the day to specific time slots. If this seems confining, it actually gives you a lot more flexibility and control over your day. If I’m working on a client project, for example, and I remember that I have to respond to an email, I won’t have to stop what I’m doing because I scheduled that e-mail in. Also, as a parent, it helps me stay on top of things when my toddler’s schedule changes. When she wants a nap at 1:00 p.m. instead of 3:00 p.m., I’ll just work on that block of time during his nap.

To set up a time block system, you should:

1. Determine how many hours in the day you have to get stuff done.

2. Write down all the tasks that you have to do.

3. Assign specific blocks of time for each task.

With time blocking, you are less distracted and more focused on each task at hand, and you’ll be able to accomplish more each day.

You’ll be able to prioritize more effectively. If you give yourself 15 minutes to clean the kitchen, you’ll wash the sink full of dishes and clean the counter instead of organizing the snack drawer because you have to prioritize what you can do within that time frame.

You are also less likely to procrastinate, especially with less desirable tasks, because you’ll have a set amount of time to finish it. For example, I hate sorting laundry, but I’ll give myself 10 minutes to do it and then I’ll be done.

Mostly, you’ll have more time to enjoy with your family, which for all of us, is our most important goal.

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