22 Creative Uses for Paper Clips

Paper clips are perfect for keeping papers and note cards together, but did you know that they can be used in so many other ways? Take a look below at over 20 creative uses for paper clips that you can try.

1. Mark tape
Place a paper clip on roll of tape to mark the end.

2. Replace broken zipper tabs
If the zipper pull on your pants or skirt breaks off and you need a quick fix, just slip a paper clip through the tab hole and zip your pants or skirt up.

3. Key ring/chain
If you are without a key ring or key chain, you can use a paper clip to make a temporary one. Insert the paper clip into the key holes and bend it into a closed loop. This will make your keys easier to find and keeps them all together until you can replace your key ring.

4. Hair clip
Use a paper clip as a makeshift hair clip.

5. Sewing projects
Use clips in place of stick pins to hold fabric together. This would be perfect if you’re working with a thick fabric that’s hard to pin with a stick pin.

6. Train garden vines
Do you enjoy gardening? Did you know that you can use paper clips to help train your vines? If you’re growing a climbing plant, use a few paper clips to gently attach the vines to your trellis or other support system. Then you can easily move the paper clips as needed once the plant is trained.

7. Ornament hooks
Never run out of ornament hooks again. Just bend a paper clip into a “S” shape and you have a hook.

8. Color coding
Use colored paper clips to color code bills and all sorts other items. For example, your heating bills can be held together with a red paper clip and your water bills can be held together with blue clips. Use whatever coding system you prefer, and use colored paper clips to make it happen.

9. Practice counting.
Use paper clips to practice counting skills with your toddler. Upgrade this idea by using colored or different style paper clips to practice color and shape matching.

10. Keep wrapping paper rolled
Paper clip the ends of wrapping paper rolls to keep them rolled up. Using tape destroys some of the paper when you try to peel it off, but paper clips don’t ruin your expensive paper when you need to use it again.

11. Clothing hook
A big, sturdy paper clip can serve as a clothing hook. Make one by bending a paper clip into an “S” shape. You can use it to hang scarves, belts, keys or whatever needs a hook. Just make sure that your paper clip is strong enough to hold the weight of the item.

12. Unclog bottles
If you have a bottle with a small opening that’s clogged up, a paper clips is usually small enough to fit inside the bottle and clear whatever is causing the blockage. This works well for unclogging the tip of an Elmer’s glue bottle.

13. Twist tie
When you need something to seal garbage bags together, take a paper clip and straighten it out completely before twisting it around the bag.

14. Bookmark
This one’s a no-brainer and you’ve probably done this at least once. To mark the page you’re reading, you can always use a paper clip.

15. Fix eyeglasses
If you lose a screw in your glasses, a paper clip can hold your glasses together until you find a permanent solution.

16. Keyboard cleaner
Get rid of the crumbs and dirt that settle on your keyboard by using a papr clip to get between each key and gently flicking any junk away.

17. Belt holder
If your belt buckle breaks, you can use a paper clip to close your belt.

18. Hem repair
If your pants are frayed or have a dropped hem, attach a paper clip to keep them from ripping further until you can repair the hem.

19. Letter opener
You can easily rip envelopes using a paper clip.

20. Tiny doll clothes hangers
Use paper clips to make tiny doll clothes hangers.

21. Scrapbooking
Make pretty scrapbooking clips by gluing flowers, buttons, etc. to the top of paper clips.

22. Money clip
Use a paper clip for clipping your money together. Paper clips are a good way to keep paper money organized and secured