Puppy Birthday Party

Option 1: Take a white or brown sheet of paper and fold two opposite corners together to make a triangle. Then, with the fold at the top, fold down each top corner to make ears. Add wiggly eyes, a black pom pom for the nose and a piece of red paper for the tongue. Add this wording, “Come, Sit, Stay and Play at (child’s name and age) puppy birthday.”

Option 2: Place a picture of a doghouse or draw one and place a photo of your child in the door. Add this wording, “Don’t wind up in the dog house by missing (child’s name and age) birthday party. It’ll be ruff not having you at (child’s name) party.”

Option 3: Cut dog bones out of white paper and add this wording, “Make no bones about it. You’ll have a doggone good time at (child’s name and age) birthday party.” Add the party details on the other side.

Games and Activities
Purchase balloons and draw puppy faces on them and add ears with construction paper. On streamers, draw dog paws  by creating one large circle and 4 small circles on top of it. Tie the balloons to your mailbox. Make paws out of construction paper and place on your walkway. Hang a sign on the door that says “Welcome to (child’s name) Doghouse with a picture of a dog and dog paws.

In the party area, place balloons and streamers around. Hang pictures of puppies and dogs on the walls. Place more construction paper paws on the walls. Hang signs that say “No Cats Allowed”, “Beware of Dog” and “Wipe Your Paws”.

For the table, use brown, red and white tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins and plasticware. Draw or place construction paper paws on the tablecloth. Use new food dishes for snacks. Place stuffed dog animals in the center of the table.

Make a dog house out of a large box. Use a box large enough that the kids can crawl in for a photo opportunity. These are great to send with the thank you cards.

Puppy Adoption
Take a cardboard box and place plush puppies in it with a sign that says “For Adoption”. (Purchasing in bulk will be a lot less expensive). Let each child pick out a puppy and give them an adoption certificate. Before the party, create two on each sheet of paper and cut the paper in half when printed. Type “Adoption Certificate” in the top of each one. Then type “this certifies the adoption of (fill in the name they choose) to miss (child’s name)”. “(Puppy’s name) was adopted on (date at child’s birthday party)”.
Dog Grooming
When the kids arrive, use face paint to paint a black nose and whiskers for each child. Make puppy ears from headbands and brown felt fabric.

Trainer Says
You can play like Simon Says and call out commands like sit, bark, beg, scratch your ears, etc.

Catch the Dog’s Tail
Have the kids form a line and hold hands. The first player is the head and the last person is the tail. When you say “Go,”, the head tries to catch tail, while the tail tries not to get caught. If the tail gets caught, he becomes the head.

Dog Bone Hunt
Hide paper bones around the party area and ask the kids to get down on their knees and walk like dogs to find the bones. You can have them compete for whoever finds the most bones and make it more challenging by having them bring one bone back at a time.

Dog Relay
Place a cookie on a plate for each child and line the plates up. The kids will be on their knees for this game, so place them where they can easily grab them with their mouths like on chairs or cardboard boxes. To make it easier for the kids, place the cookies on the edges of the plates. Create a starting and finish line. Divide the kids into two teams and have them stand at the starting line. The first players on each team has to crawl to the plates of cookies while pushing a ball with their noses. When they get to the plates, they leave the ball and pick up a cookie with their mouths. Holding the cookie between their teeth, they crawl to the starting line and the next players go. The first team to finish, wins.

Pass the Puppy
Have the kids sit in a circle and pass a stuffed puppy around while playing music. When you stop the music, the person holding the puppy can get a prize (a small trinket). Play until everyone gets a prize.

Pin the Nose on the Puppy
Hang a large picture of a puppy on the wall. Make a copy of a nose for each child, write their names on them and place double sided tape. As their turn comes up, blindfold each child, turn them around a few times and have them pin their nose on the puppy. The child who pins the nose on the original one wins.

Party Food
Hot dogs, corn dogs (of course!)
French fries (puppy tails)
Sandwiches and cookies cut with bone-shaped cookie cutters
Puppy chow with granola and chocolate chips or raisins

Puppy Cake
Take two round cakes, stack them and frost them with white frosting. Use an Oreo cookie for the eyes by separating the cookie and placing Junior Mints in the centers. Use an Oreo cookie for the nose and red icing for the tongue. Take two cupcakes, frost them white and place them on top of the cake for the ears. Take two cupcakes and place an Oreo cookie on each one and four Junior Mints on top of each cookie. Place at the bottom of the cake for the paws. Use red fruit roll-ups for the tongue and collar.

Party Favors
Purchase gift bags or brown paper lunch bags. Draw paws on them and place dog stickers on them. Include favors such as: a bouncy ball, plush puppy, dog coloring book or dog pages, a box of crayons, dog stickers 

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