Princess Birthday Party

Place a picture of a castle or crown at the top of the invitation. Type the invitation in Old English font. Use this wording. “Hear ye, Hear ye…By order of the King and Queen, Princess/Prince (Guest name) is cordially invited to the (your last name) Castle to celebrate Princess (child’s name and age) birthday! The royal celebration will begin at (time) at (time) of (date) at (address). Roll in a scroll and tie with pretty ribbon.

Tie balloons on your mailbox. Place a red carpet (use red plastic tablecloths on your walkway leading to your door. Place a sign on your door that says “Welcome to Princess (your child’s) Castle / Birthday Party” and place a picture of a castle on it.

Decorate with pink and purple (or your child’s favorite color) balloons, streamers and tableware (tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins and tableware. To give your table a “royal” feeling, use plastic wine glasses, and gold tableware and a white cotton tablecloth. Place flowers in vases on the table and tie ribbon around the vases. Make star wands for the centerpieces. Cut stars out of cardboard, paint them and add glitter. Stick bamboo skewers in them and tie ribbon around the skewers and place them in vases.

Tie tulle to the back of the children’s chairs. For the birthday girl’s chair, create a royal throne by draping a curtain of tulle from the ceiling and have it drape around the sides of the chair.

Make a castle out of two large appliance boxes and make the turrets from smaller boxes. Place flags at the top of the turrets. Make a drawbridge out of cardboard in front of the castle. You can paint the castle grey with bricks, or paint it in colors like pink and purple and windows out of it and make sure to cut a window low enough for a photo opportunity.  These are great to send with the thank you cards.

Hang white Christmas lights along the walls. Hang stars from the ceiling that you can make from shimmery paper or purchase. Hang princess themed pictures on the wall.

Games and Activities
Dragon Egg Hunt
Take plastic Easter eggs (one for each child), place chocolates in them and hide them around the party area. If you don’t have Easter eggs, roll aluminum foil in balls and place chocolates inside.

Royal Balloon Stomp Dance
Tie balloons with curling ribbon about 20” long and tie to the children’s ankles. Let them dance at the ball (play Disney princess themed music) and try and stomp their feet to bust each other’s balloons while preventing their own from being busted. The one with their balloon left receives a prize.

Ring Relay Race
You’ll need plastic rings (one for each child), 4 plates and 2 pens. Set up a table on one side of the room with 2 plates (one for each team). Divide the kids into two teams and have them stand on the opposite side of the room. Place a table in between the teams and place the rings on plates for each team and place a pen next to each plate. They have to pick up a ring from the plate with their pens, run across the room and place the ring on their team’s plate, then run back and give the pen to the next girl in line until one team gets all their rings on their plate.

Royal Freeze Dance
Play music while the kids dance. Whenever you stop the music, the kids have to freeze in place. You can have the person caught still moving put in charge of the music instead of out of the game.

Pass the Royal Parcel
Before the party, take a small box and wrap it in colored paper. Attach a small prize to the outside of the paper and then wrap the box again in another color paper. Continue this until the box has been wrapped at least as many times as the number of guests you expect at the party. At the arty, have the girls sit in a circle and start playing music. Have the children pass the package around the circle until you stop the music. When the music stops, the child holding the package carefully unwraps one layer of paper and gets to keep the prize. Start the music again and continue until everyone receives a prize.

Royal Gemstone Guessing Game
Take a gemstone (plastic or use a piece of costume jewelry) and give it to the birthday girl. Tell the kids to close their eyes and keep their hands in closed and on their laps. Have your daughter place the stone in one of the kids’ hands. When she sits back down, ask the kids to open their eyes and keep their hands closed. Pick someone to guess who has the stone. If that child guesses right, she gets to hide the stone. If she guesses wrong, the child that she picks guesses. It keeps going until someone guesses right and that person hides the stone.

Pin a Kiss on the Frog
Take a large picture of a frog and draw red lips and make copies for each child. write their names on the back and add double-sided tape. When it’s their turn, blindfold them, turn them around a few times and let them pin their kiss on the frog. The child who gets their kiss to the frog’s lips wins a prize.

Decorate Cookie Wands
Before the party, make sugar cookies. Take the dough and cut it with star-shaped cookie cutters and bake them. Stick dowels in them while they’re still hot from the oven. Give the kids frosting and sprinkles to decorate their cookies. Allow them to dry and wrap them up for the kids to take home with them.

Sugar Cube Castles
Let your guests make castles by taking sugar cubes and dipping them in vanilla frosting, then stacking them up like blocks to look like a castle. Use gumdrops to decorate the castle.

Note: If you’ll have boys at the party, purchase a dragon pinata that they can slay with cardboard swords. Cut swords that they can decorate and fight among themselves. They can also play a relay game by having to get balloons from one point to another using their swords. Cut cardboard shields that they can decorate. Tie ribbon through the sides so they can wear them. Give them crowns to decorate that you can cut beforehand out of paper or purchase foam crowns.
Party Food
Make sandwiches and use star cookie cutters to cut them.
Star fruit wands—Cut melon with star shaped cookie cutters. Place strawberries and blueberries on skewers and the melon stars on top.

Party Favors
In pink gift bags that you can decorate with princess stickers, place bracelets, stick-on earrings, ring pops, princess coloring books or coloring pages and box of crayons, princess stickers, mini bottle of bubbles

For boys’ party favors—in blue gift bags, place stickers, candy, mini bottle of bubbles, plastic dragons, Lego blocks, coloring book or coloring pages and box of crayons

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