Fireman Birthday Party

Print out a picture of a firetruck. You can take a photo of your child wearing a fireman's hat and place it in the driver's seat. Add this wording: You’ll have a red hot time at Fire Chief (child’s name and age) Fireman’s Birthday Party. Or write—Sound the Alarm! (child’s name) is Turning (age)!

Take red, yellow and orange construction paper and create “flames” for your front door and windows. Place a ladder in front of your house. Use red, orange and yellow balloons and streamers for around the party area. Place more “flames” along the walls and pictures of firemen and firetrucks. Go to an appliance store ad get a refrigerator box and decorate it like a firetruck.

For the table, use red tablecloths and red, yellow and orange plates, cups, napkins and silverware. Or, use a blue tablecloth and add paper “flames” to the tablecloths. Use red, yellow and orange plates, cups, napkins and silverware. Place firetrucks in the center of the table. Use plastic fireman’s hats for pretzels and chips. Make houses out of cereal boxes and add flames all round them.

Games and Activities
Jump Through Fire Obstacle Courses
Create an obstacle course by placing tires or hula hoops on the ground to run through, rope to crawl under, and firetruck toys or orange cones to run around. Add red, orange and paper “flames” to these items. The kids can compete individually by being timed or as teams in a relay race. You can place a doll or stuffed animal on a step ladder and have them retrieve it at the end of the obstacle course.

Firefighter Dress-Up Relay
Collect 2 plastic fireman’s hats, 2 raincoats or overcoats, 2 pairs of rubber boots and 2 garden hoses or pool noodles on one side of the room.  Mark 2 goal lines approximately 25 to 30 feet apart. Divide the kids into two teams. Half of each team lines up at the first goal line, and the other half at the opposite line. Give one set of fireman’s clothing to the first member on each team. When you yell “Fire!,” the first player on each team puts on the clothing, runs to the other line, removes the outfit and hands the clothing to the next team player. Then the second team  member gets dressed, runs to the start line, removes the outfit and hands it to the next player, and so on. The first team to finish wins.

Fireman’s Brigade
Before the game, set up 2 buckets full of water, 2 empty buckets and 2 large plastic cups. Divide the kids into two teams. Line up each team and have each player stand at arm’s-length from each other. Place one bucket full of water at one end of each team and place an empty bucket at the other end. Each team makes a fireman’s brigade by handing the cups of water from player to player. They have to move all the water from the full bucket to the empty bucket, using the cups to pass the water down the line. When you yell “Fire!,” teams start to pass the cups of water. The first team to move all of their water wins.

Pin the Hat on the Firefighter
Use a large picture of a firefighter. Have a picture of a hat for each child and write their names on the backs. See who can place their hat closest to where it should be. Or, play  Pin the Hat on the Dalmatian.

Dalmatian Spot Hunt
Cut circles out of black construction paper and hide them around the party area. Make one for each child and as each child finds theirs, they can receive a small prize.

Firetruck Craft
Give out small boxes (cereal boxes, tissue boxes, baby wipes containers, etc), construction paper, markers, popsicle sticks (for firetruck ladder), etc. and let them make their own firetrucks.

Firefighter Hat Craft
Hand out plastic firefighter hats and let them personalize them with markers and fireman-themed stickers.

Other ideas: Visit a local firehouse. Most will be very accommodating and they’ll even give a tour and some safety lessons.

Party Food
Pizza—place the slices on plates and line the plates up with the slices pointing up so they look like flames.
“Fire Hot” Chilli—(don’t make it too hot if the kids are very young—make a mild batch for younger kids). Make cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate frosting and make flames with red, orange and yellow Starbursts candy cut into triangles.

Party Favors
On goody bags, use red, orange and yellow tissue paper to make flames. Include fireman hats, fireman figurines, dalmatian figurines, fireman coloring books or coloring pages, crayons, fireman stickers, Lifesavers® candy, Red Hots® candy

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