Fairy Birthday Party

Purchase lavender-colored paper and add some fairy, flower and butterfly graphics. Roll your invitation into a scroll and tie it with pastel-colored ribbon. You can also purchase or make star-shaped fairy wands and attach the invitations to them. Add this wording: “Come visit our fairy garden that has many beautiful things. You just have to walk through it to earn your fairy wings. You’re invited to an Enchanted Fairy Land at (child’s name and age) birthday party.”

Place glitter (fairy dust) along the walkway to the party area. Place large paper green leaves with paper or silk flowers on the door with a sign that says “Welcome to the Enchanted Forest where we will have the most magical time!

Decorate with pink, lavender, yellow and spring green balloons and streamers. Hang clear Christmas lights around the party area. Hang a canopy from tulle over the party table. Use the above colors for the  tableware—tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins and silverware. Tie tulle around the chairs. Place flowers (fresh or artificial) in vases and wrap pretty ribbon around the neck of the vases.

Games and Activities
Pixie Dust Treasure Hunt
Make rainbow rice by coloring with food coloring and placing it in a large container. Place small trinkets underneath the rice that the kids can hunt for.

Flower Pot Toss
Your guests toss beanbags into a large flower pot.

Fairy Relay
Make a starting and finish line. Divide the kids into two teams. The players have to put on your fairy wings, sprinkle (place an item for them to sprinkle) with fairy dust and stomp a gnome (pop a balloon) and pass their wings on to the next fairy.

Fairy Dance Freeze
Play music while the kids dance. Whenever you stop the music, the kids have to freeze in place. You can have the person caught still moving put in charge of the music instead of out of the game.

Telephone Game
Each child whispers a sentence in someone’s ear and that person passes it on. By the time the last person in line receives the message, see how different it is from what was originally said.

Magical Necklaces
Purchase bottle necklaces and give out pixie dust glitter and let the girls fill the bottles.

Musical Toadstools
Celtic music goes well with this theme of musical statues.

Fairy, Fairy, GNOME
Play like Duck, Duck, Goose

Make a Wish
Place water in a large bowl and let the kids scoop out pennies.
Party Food
Use flower and star-shaped cookie cutters for sandwiches and cookies. Dip pretzel rods in white chocolate and sprinkles. Chocolate covered strawberries, ice cream, and cupcakes with pretty colored icing and decorated with flowers made with candies. Decorated cupcakes with edible glitter (pixie dust)

Party Favors
Mini bottle of bubbles, a packet of flower seeds, pixie sticks, hair barrettes, stick-on earrings, gold chocolate coins, fairy stickers, lip gloss

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